Necessities for the First Few Weeks

Necessities for the First Few Weeks

The fourth trimester is as beautiful and heavenly as it seems. But there are definitely pains, uncertainties, and hormonal surges as well. Figuring out how to navigate this new world of yours requires a lot of blind testing, trial and error, and realizing just how much you can function on no sleep! These days will go by in a blur, but they may also become some of your most treasured memories.

Some essentials that you’re going to want plenty of for the first few weeks home with baby:

For Mom

Fridet Mom Washer. If you delivered vaginally, it’s going to be a while until you can wipe down there after using the restroom. SO much healing is taking place so it’s best to leave it alone as much as possible. Using a Fridet Mom Washer will be your lifesaver. Period.

Boob ease. Basically everything is going to hurt for a time, but if you are breastfeeding, it’s very likely that the vagina and uterus pain won't last as long as breast and nipple pain. Investing in some breast care products won’t just be beneficial for the first few weeks, but will see you through your entire breastfeeding experience.

Water. Drink SO MUCH WATER! Your body is going to be doing its best to get rid of the excess fluids that are no longer needed - you’ll be sweating and peeing and bleeding a lot. Not to mention, producing milk that is sustaining a whole different person! So your body is going to be in constant need of water to keep up, so DRINK. 

Breastfeeding-friendly clothing. Clothing that you can wear all day, every day is clothing that will be your best friend for these weeks. Look for items that are loose fitting, low-cut/able to button down, and comfortable.

Comfort. Anything you can do to add to your comfort level, do it! Yes, this is a time all about your baby, but don’t forget to squeeze in some time for yourself as well. Grab a new pack of underwear so you don’t have to feel sad when a few pairs go straight into the trash, soak in a bath or take a nap while your husband or a friend are happily on baby duty, and cuddle up in your favorite blanket with your babe and soak in every single precious second. 

For Baby

SO many diapers. We’re talking around 10 diapers a day! That’s 70 in a week! It’s practically surreal, but you’ll probably never think about it, you’ll just become a diaper pro in no time at all.

Swaddles. If you don’t have one already, you’ll quickly find that you’ll develop a favorite style or type of swaddle blanket. Some like the type of swaddle that can velcro to itself and is made for the sole purpose of swaddling a baby, and others prefer a regular blanket-styled swaddle. And when it comes to materials, the possibilities are endless! You can easily find something unbelievably stretchy (Kickee Pants or Copper Pearl), you can find the perfect muslin texture that sticks to itself and keeps a good hold all night long (Little Unicorn), you can find buttery soft (Saranoni), or ANY combination of those materials. And once you find your favorite (again, you will), stock up, because these things get used LOTS. 

Jammies. The quintessential newborn essential is a sleeper. Something that’s easy to open and close for low maintenance diaper changes, something that fits properly and is comfy for babe, and something adorable of course!

Kimono Gown - Pink
and White Floral

Pacifiers. This will depend on the preference of not only you, but your baby as well. Don’t hesitate to try a few different brands out before settling (or giving up) on binkies.

A place for baby to rest. The reality is, you simply can’t hold your baby all day long. Okay, if you are on a subsequent kid, you can’t - if it’s your first, go right ahead and try! Having a safe and cozy place to set your babe while you’re getting things done is super convenient and takes away a lot of hassle! Something that moves (like a Mamaroo) may be perfect to rock baby to sleep, while something supportive and snuggly (like a DockATot) may work out great while baby is awake and wanting to be cradled ever so slightly.

It won’t take you long to find your groove, no matter how impossible things may seem at times! All that truly matters is that your babe loves you and needs you, and you need and love your babe. This newborn stage is about as special as it gets. You’re amazing. Good luck on this new adventure! And don’t forget that The Baby Cubby can help with many of your new mommy, new baby needs!

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