Need a Perfect Gift for Mom? 5 Gifts She'll Adore

Need a Perfect Gift for Mom? 5 Gifts She'll Adore

We all know there is no shortage of gift ideas for new moms, but they seem to all be for their new baby!  Expectant and new moms are usually very excited for the new addition to their family and love products for them, but sometimes new mom's and their needs can get lost in all of the excitement. We here at The Baby Cubby don't want to overlook new mommys, so here are some of our favorite gifts for them!  

Henry Mack dresses are perfect for any busy mom!

If you are like me, when you become a mom you get busy and your wardrobe hits a slump and leaves you feeling frumpy most days (especially when you are home doing mundane chores). I know I am more productive when I feel good about how I look and the Henry Mack House Dress is around to help me with just that! They have reinvented the housedress to help us moms look a little more stylish when taking care of our little ones. These dresses are comfortable, practical (because, uh, pockets?!), modest and are one size fits most so they are easy to gift to a loved one. They come in 4 fun designs; She's Everything Paisley, Animal Print Sleeve, Purple Block Sleeve and Pink Geo Sleeve.

Coco and Kiwi Diaper Bag - Providence – Perfect for the stylish mom you love

One thing I often hear is "I want a diaper bag that looks more like a purse". This is the perfect bag for that kind of mom! These Coco and Kiwi Diaper Bags have a sleek and stylish design but all the function of a diaper bag. They even have a removable wet/dry bag so when you have accidents to deal with you don't have to keep it loose in your bag (or car! ew!). They have two styles in different colors like: The Providence and The Sydney in Amber or Buff, so you can find something for every mom! 

Oemi Baby Leather Diaper Bag - Parkside – The perfect gift for the classy mom in your life!

If you have a difficult or picky mom to shop for, you may want to consider the Oemi Diaper Bag. This is the diaper bag to own and will surely thrill any new mom. I have owned a plethora (and by plethora I mean a BOAT LOAD) of diaper bags in my years of being a mom and this one takes the cake! Made of the highest quality leather, it will last through all your kids and more. It's beautiful and as if you need another reason to get it, any husband would be happy to carry it for you since it has a sleek and classic design. Available in three classic colors that can coordinate with any wardrobe, Parkside in Black, Classic Brownstone and Classic Grey

Sakura Bloom Sling – Chambray – What stylish mom wouldn’t adore this?

The life of a mom rarely looks luxurious, but lets face it: we all want to look like those Pinterest moms. Right? The Sakura Bloom Sling screams luxury (and Pinterest, I mean, look at that picture). While still retaining its practicality and functionality, these slings are made of two layers of lush, hand loomed silk or Belgian linen and available in a variety of beautiful colors like Silk-Blackout, Silk-Ink/Marcona, Chambray-Black Current, Chambray-Marin, Chambray-Twig, Cambray-Raisen, Classic-Storm, Classic-Driftwood, Classic-Maple, Classic-Port, and Classic-Wheat, 

One gift that is guaranteed to make any mom happy is the super soft and luxurious feel you get from a Saranoni Home Throw. I personally cuddle up with mine every night while I wind down from a long day with my bowl of popcorn and a great show. These home throws are just as beautiful as they are cozy. Check out these beautiful colors; Gray Stripe, Feather Stripe (this one looks gray or beige depending on what is next to, its great!), Ivory Stipe and Charcoal Lush. We all know that moms work hard whether they are carrying their first baby or raising 5 little ones and they deserve to be celebrated and appreciated.  Show them some love and treat them to something nice this holiday season.

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