New and Improved: The 4moms mamaRoo and Infant Tub!

New and Improved: The 4moms mamaRoo and Infant Tub!

Have you heard of the mamaRoo yet? What about their amazing infant tub?! 4moms started with a desire to make life for parents easier and more convenient with amazing baby tech. They quickly became extremely popular among parents all over. Why? Because they take the time to seek out input from parents, and then directly apply it to their products. This year, the mamaRoo and Infant Tub got a bit of a facelift, and we are loving all the new features!

4Moms Infant Tub Features

4moms Infant Tub

I don't know about you, but bath time has been a very important part of our schedule since day one of my baby's life. When we got to change from sponge bathing to sitting in the baby bath, there were a couple things that I was worried about. The 4moms tub has features built in that will ease each one of those parental bathtub worries.

How many times have you ended up drip rinsing your child's head off because you didn't bring a cup from the kitchen? No more! There is a handy dandy rinse cup sitting conveniently in the side of the tub for you.  

Round corners and kids just go hand in hand, so, of course, round corners on the tub is such a great move! There are also less grooves, so mixed with the round corners, you have a much more sleek-looking tub. Side drains in the tub section keep dirty water (the babes loooove peeing in the tub) moving out and away from the shiny clean baby! A clean water reservoir and the ability to fit a single or double sink make this the perfect tub for your tiny ones!

4Moms Mamaroo Features

mamaRoo 4

Say hello to the mamaRoo 4. What is new with this model?

Three adorable toys are still part of the mobile, but now they are more than just a colorful ball. One is a crinkle toy, one is a rattle, and one has a mirror on the bottom of it! They are removable so, even though your babe can't get a hold of them while in the mamaRoo, you can pop them right out and you'll have toys for floor time!

The fabrics have been updated to be softer, and the plush fabrics have a new square design that is a little more minimalistic. The best part about the fabrics is that they are machine washable. Baby had a blowout in the swing? Zip that fabric off, toss it in the washer, and it will be clean by the end of nap time! (welll...that is if your baby takes good naps. Mine sure didn't.)

Last but not least, the control panel and user interface got a refresh in looks and functionality. The new big button on the block is the power button, which is large enough to be turned on by your foot! No need to bend over or squat down to turn the power on. That may seem like just a "laziness" feature, but if you have an upset baby and maybe even a toddler in your arms, clicking a button with your foot is going to be miiiighty nice! The motion selection and volume control are now their own set of buttons, so there is no confusion about what setting you are changing!

MamaRoo 4 still has the original 5 motion settings, the ability to recline, and a 25 lb weight limit, all packed into a small footprint and sleek design that you just can't find anywhere else. Clearly we think it is the bees knees!

As always, if you are local to Utah County, and want to give either of these products an in-person screening, come on in and visit us at the store! You can even use our resident real-feeling baby doll, Charlie Duke, to use as your test-run baby if yours is still baking in your oven! We love 4moms and what their company stands for. We obviously think that mom and dad should have the best tools possible to help them live their life with a baby most efficiently. Now, if only we could find an adult size mamaRoo to lull us to sleep after a long day!! Maybe someday, right?!

Written by: Alyssa Liston

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