New Arrivals! The Baby Cubby Welcomes Nuna!

New Arrivals! The Baby Cubby Welcomes Nuna!

Ok my friends, if you've been around long enough then you know that we only carry the best-of-the-best in baby gear. Well, we have done our research (as promised) and have found another brand to add to the store: Nuna. Based in Holland, Nuna released their first product - a sleek and innovative highchair - in 2007. After growing their product line and expanding into car seats, play yards, strollers, and baby seats Nuna released in the US in 2014 to specialty stores with only a few select department stores. Basically, you cannot find Nuna products anywhere that they haven't pre-approved because they take that much pride in their product. Now that's spiffy. Ok, now on to the good stuff.

Nuna's Stroller Line-up

Ladies! Seriously, you are going to love their stuff. Check out the Tavo stroller. This stroller is incredibly easy to maneuver, fold, and use! Some cool things: it trolleys when you fold it. Ideal for those long travel days in an airport! It also never touches the ground besides the wheels - which is an extra bonus for those of us who live in cold, wet places (like Lindon, UT. It's nice most of the time ;) ). I LOVE this stroller and I know you will too! Check out the video below for a great demo! Some other stats on the Tavo:
  1. It works as a travel system with the Nuna Pipa infant seat (which we'll cover here in a second).
  2. You can use it from birth until 50lbs due to its deep recline.
  3. The Tavo only weights about 24.3lbs (I know, it sounds heavy. But, once you have a 23-pound baby you're lugging around all day it will seem like nothin').
  4. It comes is beautiful colors - Aluminum, Mykonos, Caviar, and Poppy (my personal favorite since I adore all things red!)
Nuna's Mixx stroller is next in the line-up - coming in as their single modular stroller. Super versatile, your child can ride three ways - in their Nuna Pipa or Maxi-Cosi infant seat with included adapters, in the full seat facing forward or the seat facing backwards. Your Mixx purchase will also include a snazzy rain cover - so you can go on those great rainy summer walks while keeping the littles nice and dry! Check out the videos below for a Mixx demo! Mixx Stats:
  1. Available in Cavier in store and Slate, Mykonos, and Basil via special order.
  2. May be used from birth to 50lbs - again, super awesome.
  3. The Mixx weighs 24.9lbs - so slightly heavier than the Tavo, but well worth it with the configuration options!
  4. Included rain cover and more compatible accessories like a cup holder and dual footmuff and seat liner.
Next we have Nuna's Pepp stroller. The Pepp is Nuna's introductory stroller. A single stroller, it features incredible maneuverability, a one hand unfold, and a removable storage basket for extra sleekness! It also trolleys like the Tavo and never touches the ground :) Added bonus points. Check the video for the Pepp's demo! Pepp Stats:
  1. May work as a travel system with included adapters for the Nuna Pipa and Maxi-Cosi infant seats.
  2. Nuna's Pepp stroller is available in Night in store and Blackberry, Sand, Navy, and Scarlet via special order.
  3. One-hand unfold, making for easy set up!
  4. Trolleys and never touches the ground.
  5. More available accessories like a rain cover, foot muff, seat liner, and a transport bag.

Nuna's Headline Carseat

Ok, are you ready for this? The Nuna Pipa infant car seat is fantastic. The base installs in 5 seconds for most car seats (check out the awesome video demonstration!) and it has an extra safety feature: a load leg. What does this load leg do you may ask? In the event of a car accident your baby's car seat will continue to move forward and downwards as much as 20 degrees (just like your body does). This raises the risk of your child's neck being at risk for injury (scary!). However, when using the load leg feature on the base the car seat will no longer be able to move in a downward motion; thus, protecting baby's neck. For even more added protect the load leg has a "crumple zone." This crumple zone does exactly what its name says - it crumples in the event of a car accident. This means that the downward force that is now stopped by the leg will still have somewhere to go and it will even be slowed down! I can tell you that I already have my eye on this car seat for my next baby. Pipa Stats:
  1. Weight capacity of 4-32lbs and 32 inches long.
  2. The seat weighs 7.9lbs all by itself (which is actually fairly light) and 21.9lbs if you had the base attached (but you're never going to carry it like that so don't worry!)
  3. The Pipa is available in Night, Blackberry (my personal favorite), Sand, Navy, and Scarlet.
  4. The base also features a rigid LATCH. This type of latch system prevents twisting in the event of a car accident.
  5. Compatible strollers: All of Baby Jogger, Bumbleride, UPPAbaby, Stokke, and of course Nuna!
  6. Luxurious and durable fabric for the car seat cover and infant insert.

Nuna Also Offers a Play Yard!

So confession: I totally bought one of these before we had even been carrying Nuna for a week! Why? Because they're fantastic. If you have ever considered a 4moms Breeze then you are well aware of the struggles that come with a regular pack-n-play play yard. Well, the Nuna Sena and Nuna Sena-Mini play yards solve those problems for you! They feature an easy one-step push down for set up and pull up for take down. Both come with a detachable bassinet insert for your really little ones that can't climb out yet. The Sena's both offer a sleek modern design that is attractive to look at. Because lets face it, baby gear has kind of taken over your life now so you need to have SOMETHING pretty to look at. Check out the video below for a great demo! Sena Stats:
  1. Available in Night or by special order only: Graphite, Safari, Navy, and Scarlet.
  2. Can accommodate up to a 3 year old toddler
  3. The Sena weighs 24.8lbs (slightly lighter than a Breeze)
  4. Available accessories include: a changer, organic or regular fitted sheet, a waterproof sheet, and an insect net.
Sena Mini Stats:
  1. Available in Night or by special order only: Graphite.
  2. May accommodate a child from birth until 18 months.
  3. The Sena Mini weighs 19.6lbs
  4. Available accessories: Organic, fitted, or waterproof sheets and an insect net.

Baby Seats Everywhere!

GUYS. Baby seats. Every family needs one because seriously - by 1.5 months your babe is no longer content to just sit in a play yard and you no longer want to hold them all day. You have stuff to do! Hence, the baby seat. It allows your little one to sit up and see the world around them. Plus, if you have the Leaf or the Leaf Curve baby also gets gently rocked to sleep. What's more? The Leaf seats grow with you! They can handle a child up to 130lbs. Stage 1 includes birth until baby can sit upright by themselves. Then, move onto stage 2 once they are walking and up to that 130lbs limit! They can swing in it, bounce in it, and just keep it as their own little spot in the house. I am a sucker for things that I can use from birth through toddler hood so this is perfect for me! In order for the leaf to swing from side to side you just need to give it a little push, and it will continue to swing for at least 3 minutes. Cool, huh? Just watch the video posted below for an amazing look at the leaf! Leaf Stats:
  1. Available in Twilight, Navy and by special order Bisque and Dawn.
  2. Weighs 11.5lbs
  3. Toy bar available in Silver, Bisque, or Cinder.
  4. Luxurious and durable fabric.
Leaf Curve Stats:
  1. Available in Cinder.
  2. Weighs 12.5lbs
  3. The base of the seat is curved instead of straight - creating a smaller footprint and a more modern look.
  4. Toy bar available in Silver, Bisque, or Cinder.
  5. Luxurious and durable fabric.
Phew! That was A LOT of product, folks! But I am literally in LOVE with all of it and cannot wait for you to see it for yourself (seriously, you'll fall for the Pipa so fast!). You can visit our online store or our Lindon, UT baby store if you want to see it in person!
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