New Baby Bling Knot Headbands

New Baby Bling Knot Headbands

Mamas of little boys, when you go shopping for clothes for your little man isn't it just so hard to keep yourself from staring wistfully at all of the cute little girls' clothes? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE dressing my son in cute little man clothes. And I'm so glad that, according to mamas of previous generations, the selection has improved as much as it has over the years. But someday, I'm really excited to buy all of the cute accessories that are available for little girls! Like these cute, new Baby Bling knot headbands!

My little man is at preschool, and I'm supposed to be crossing things off of my never-ending to-do list, but I'm browsing through all of these cute baby headbands and swooning over each and every one! I love how soft and stretchy the Baby Bling knot headbands are. I mean, IIII would actually wear them! When I wear a headband, I definitely prefer one with a wide, soft, stretchy band. After a while, the ones with the tight, narrow band annoy me and I end up pulling them off. And I'm sure this is even more important for babies who haven't yet learned that sometimes vanity (and keeping your hair out of your face) juar might be more important than comfort! ;)

Luckily with these sweet and simple headbands, she won't have to learn this lesson quite yet! Because these headbands seem to be the boyfriend sweater of headbands...cute and comfortable! Meaning, she might actually keep her headband on! There are so many cute patterns and fabrics to choose from, and I'm sure Baby Bling has a headband to coordinate with any of your little one's outfits! I especially love these three new headbands!

Baby Bling Printed Knot Headband - Watercolor Floral Coral

Baby Bling Knot Headband - Hot Pink

Baby Bling Knot Headband - Mauve

It's time for me to pick up my son from preschool, so I guess I'll tear myself away from all of these cute, girly accessories! But I'm definitely adding a couple of these Baby Bling knot headbands to my baby girl wish list!

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