New Little Mister Bow Ties and Suspenders

New Little Mister Bow Ties and Suspenders

Ummm, can we say cute? Kids clothes are often fun because hello, they're tiny, but for me there's nothing more fun than dressing my son up for a wedding, church, or other formal event. I love the mixing and matching while creating something that really makes him look debonair. On the other hand, formal clothing for children has its downsides: it can be uncomfortable, a bore, and often times--a real hassle. Itchy, starchy, stiff and tight clothing are not things children like.

Little Mister Baby Bow Tie - Small - Blue Gingham

But, you can count on Little Mister Bow Ties to avoid all of the common pitfalls because they are so easy to put on and add an amazing look to your little boy's ensemble! When I had my first boy, someone gave us a Little Mister bow tie and suspender set--and we still use it today if that tells you anything! These sturdy accessories will not only complement your little one's outfit--they'll last and save you from plenty of formal event wear woes.

I also loved how the style/color combination we got in our Little Mister set was so easily compatible with many different formal outfits. Anything from a casual corduroy blazer to that fully-buttoned white church shirt worked well with the bow tie and suspenders. The suspenders are adjustable and I loved how the bow tie could be worn by itself or as a complete set with the suspenders. Basically, it was just the added touch of "fancy" I needed for many events without having to go the whole nine yards with some over-starched and costly outfit. Win-win in my book!

Aside from the extensive colors already available on The Baby Cubby website, you can enjoy a host of styles and colors to complement any formal outfit for your boy. Here are a few of my favorite bows!

Little Mister Baby Bow Tie - Small - Ivory Roses

Little Mister Toddler Bow Tie - Black/White Plaid

Little Mister Baby Bow Tie - Small - Forest Polka Dot

Little Mister Baby Bow Tie - Small - Solid Mustard

And then a few of my favorite suspenders!

Little Mister Toddler Suspenders - Medium - Brown Leather

Little Mister Toddler Suspenders - Medium - Gray

Whether you know someone having a wedding soon and need something for your little man, or you're just looking to beef up his dressed-up wardrobe, these bow ties and suspenders are long-lasting and look great with so many different colors and combinations. Best of all, you know that they're made for little boys so they can take a bit of a beating! (I would not suggest beating them with a rock, however).

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Wow… What a beautiful blog.. Thank you for sharing such a meaningful piece. Babies are the most beautiful beings whose purity attracts adults to love them more and more.


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