New Tubby Todd!

New Tubby Todd!

There are few things as annoying as packing for your holiday trips with kids, like realizing you don't have room for your stuff AND theirs! You can always use what's at your destination, but that can end up being expensive, and also wreak havoc on you (or your child's) skin. Or, maybe you want to buy stocking stuffers for you and your kids, but that can get expensive too! How about we save you some money? Why not get one product that suits you both? Thankfully, these products are not only for your kids, but for YOU too!

Tubby Todd Hair Conditioner - Yummy Lemon

Conditioner for babies? It's a thing! As soon as your baby or toddler starts to grow their own luscious locks, their hair also needs extra care and attention to stay healthy. Tubby Todd's shampoo comes in the form of Hair and Body Wash, and nourishes as it cleanses. But, that's not to say your child's hair, OR YOUR HAIR!!, can't also benefit from some lovely smelling and restorative conditioner! Conditioner also makes the hair easier to comb through, so what's to lose?

Plus, think about this: if you use the same bath products as your baby, your packing routine will be much easier! You won't forget as much, and there would be plenty of room for other things you need to take on your trip! Also, buy it as a stocking stuffer for them, and then use it for yourself! Mom win!

Speaking of soft, easy-to-comb-through hair, this detangler also helps keep those unruly locks, well...ruly!

Tubby Todd Hair Detangler Spray - Yummy Lemon

This Tubby Todd Detangler Spray goes on while hair is still wet to make styling ouch-less and much simpler. And what parent couldn't use this in their arsenal when it comes to those hectic weekday mornings? Use both the detangler and the conditioner to cut down on your morning routine by having the same products on hand for everyone, while actually making hair more agreeable for brushing and styling.

These products are organic, smell wonderful, and are carefully made with your child's sensitive skin in mind. The best part is that YOU can use and enjoy them, too! Take a look at our latest Tubby Todd bath products for the perfect treat-yourself items, or as thoughtful (and practical) holiday gifts.

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