New Year, New Journal

New Year, New Journal

2020 was certainly one for the books.

Have you been keeping a journal this year? Admittedly, I'm not great at keeping a journal for myself...or for my kids. If you also fall into the "I'd love to keep a journal, but it's often overwhelming and too much to maintain" category, these journals may be your solution.

If you're looking for a way to record your little one's life, the Childhood History journals cover pregnancy to 18 years old and include prompts such as, "What things has your child learned this year?" and, "How was your teen's birthday celebrated?" It’s seriously my kind of journaling! I now have one for each of my girls. I fill it out each year on their birthdays, and I'll occasionally add other small things I want to remember throughout the year.

Not only does Promptly offer gorgeous Childhood History journals, but incredible Adoption and Love Story journals as well. The Love Story journal would be such a special gift for your significant other and to record your unique story together. It covers from the first time you met until your 70th wedding anniversary. Now you can have a way to remember life’s most amazing moments and pass them on to those you love most.

Maybe you're in need of a journal where you can just brain dump and call it a day. The Anything Notebook from Promptly is great for just that.

Passport Journals from Letterfolk are another great journaling option if you'd like to take an even more simplified approach to recording your child's baby years. Each entry page in this compact journal is accompanied by a blank page for thoughts, photos, or memories and cover the first two years of their life. The back pages of the Book Passport include bucket lists, new tooth tracker, and checklists. It's perfect for helping you remember the little details without having to get too wordy.

Letterfolk offers a handful of other Passport Journals, such as Pregnancy, Restaurants, and even a Tooth version for your child to write an account of every tooth lost.

There's no excuse now! Journaling could not be more simple with journals from Promptly and Letterfolk. If you have a resolution to record more, be sure to check out our sale (December 28 to 30) to receive 15% off all Promptly Journals and Letterfolk Notebooks and more! You can shop in store, or online at


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