November National Days

November National Days

Can you believe that it is already November? I have conflicting feelings about this. First: this year has flown by. Second: this has been the longest year of my life!

Either way, November is here. And for me, it is a happy, warm-fuzzy time--the time we welcome the holiday season. I couldn’t be more excited for a little holiday cheer this year! This month has really great national days, and I can’t wait to celebrate them!

November 3rd: National Housewife’s Day

Considering I fall into this category, I’m going to be sure to take full advantage of this day. I already have my honey-do list started!

November 5th: National Doughnut Day & National Men Make Dinner Day 

The fact that these two share the same day is really making me giddy.
This. Day. Will. Be. Awesome--especially since they come on the heels of National Housewife’s Day. November is off to a great start!

November 7th: National Play Outside Day 

I can only hope the weather cooperates with this one! Bundle up if you need to, and take full advantage of that crisp fall air--the day demands it!

November 11th: Veterans Day

To all the past and present servicemen and women, we thank you for your service!

November 14th: National Family PJ Day

Nothing makes my heart happier than matching with my family!

November 20th: National Child’s Day

This seems like every day in my house!  

November 21st: National Adoption Day

To all our beautiful adoptive families, we celebrate you! 

November 25th: National Play Day with Dad

This day is dedicated to honoring, fostering, and making beautiful memories between kiddos and their hero dads!  

November 26th: Thanksgiving Day 

Food. Family. Football. Hopefully your day will be filled with at least one of these three things. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and I am looking forward to it immensely!

November 27th: Black Friday

It's the ultimate shopping day of the year. Don’t think I will miss the opportunity to remind you that The Baby Cubby’s Black Friday Sale is going to be one for the books this year!

November 28th: Small Business Saturday

Don’t forget to shop small!

November 30th: Cyber Monday

The sales don’t stop! Remember to check The Baby Cubby’s online sale for Cyber Monday. You won’t be disappointed!

The temperatures may drop in November, but with all the fun things to celebrate, our spirits definitely won’t! I hope you make the most of the National Days this month and all that November has to offer!

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