Video: Nuna AACE Booster Seat

Video: Nuna AACE Booster Seat

Nuna’s AACE Booster Seat grows right along with your child from preschool through grade school. Your child will enjoy wearing a seatbelt just like you do! And you’ll be happy because you know they’re safe and comfortable.

To start off, I must note that each element of the AACE, fabric included, is smartly sourced to be flame resistant with no added fire retardant chemicals. This is true with any Nuna car seat! The package also includes a dishwasher safe cup holder for water bottles or sippy cups on your trips. The built-in armrests and Side Impact Protection pods take crash security to the next level while ensuring comfort.

In terms of safe design, the AACE has some that really set it apart. First up, it's got a one-handed, nine position, height adjustable headrest. The shoulder system works simultaneously with the headrest, so it expands outward as you raise the headrest. The seat base also has three possible depths, giving your child’s growing legs plenty of support and space.

Combined with the adjustable lower anchor connectors and the belt paths marked in bright red, installation is an absolute cinch. It takes no time at all! If you choose to take off the seat back once your kiddo hits a greater weight, the belt positioner will help you to route the shoulder belt correctly and still customize the height for comfort.

We love the AACE for keeping your older kids safe on the road! The installation is super easy and convenient—pretty much unbeatable.

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