Nuna Demi Grow

Nuna Demi Grow

For all our mamas out there who having been waiting for the double stroller from one of our most popular brands, Nuna, then the wait is over! The new Nuna Demi Grow is the new modular stroller that is making your tandem stroller dreams come true.

The Demi Grow is like everything else Nuna makes--gorgeous. It comes in both light gray and classic black, and the fabrics are luxe, mama. You're getting the superior design and style that Nuna is known for, while still getting a super mama-friendly stroller. It has a soft-texture all-weather leather, so it'll be good to go with you wherever you and babe are headed. The toddler seats are also able to be used starting at 6 months old thanks to the three recline options for the seat.

One of the best things about this stroller is the weight. Even with the toddler seat insert, this thing only weighs around 30 lbs. Now to those mamas out there who are used to a single stroller, let me fill you in... that's light as far as double strollers go. You're not going to feel like you're lifting a ton to get this baby in and out of the trunk, *quietly sobbing tears of gratitude* and with it's super easy fold, you're not standing around trying to jiggle it into the right position either. You just push down the two toggles, and fold down. While folded, it stands, and it has a handlebar which helps you carry it if needed. It also has a nice deep storage basket.

The Demi is also ensures that you're getting the best configuration with your babes. Whether you're rocking two toddler seats, two infant seats, like the Nuna Pipa, or throwing a bassinet into the mix, you're going to be able to fit your little ones into the stroller in the way that works best for them (and you, mama). You have over 20 options for switching around the different seats, and whether they're forward or rear facing. Something fun that you don't always see in doubles is that you're able to put the infant seat on the bottom attachment as well.

However, here are a couple of things about this seat that don't really make my mama heart sing-- you're going to be spending some cash if you want to make it a double toddler stroller. If you've already have the Pipa, you'll be able to use that with the toddler seat that comes included with the stroller, but you're going to have to pay for an additional sibling seat or a bassinet attachment. The fact that these strollers don't come with any sort of compartments for mama to hold her phone, keys, or ever present 44 oz soda is also a little bit of a bummer.

All in all, this stroller is gorgeous, and makes mamas who are looking for a double to use with their Pipa, totally giddy for 2018 to roll around. Keep this modular stroller in mind if you're looking for the perfect light, double seater, that grows with your kids.

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