Nuna DEMI Grow Review

Nuna DEMI Grow Review

The Demi Grow is the first Nuna stroller that has a two-kids-riding-at-the-same-time option. Not only is that a big break through, but the style and design of this stroller are unique and innovative as well. This stroller is simply in a league of its own.


Let's get right to the elephant in the room: the interesting placement of the second seat. I say interesting, because, well let’s face it, it’s interesting! I saw these in person (at Disneyland) before I saw them online or for writing purposes. And I was fascinated. I don’t know if I was impressed or unimpressed at first sight, but I was definitely intrigued.

The second seat is located BELOW the first seat. It is low to the ground, forward facing, and apparently toddlers can’t get enough of it. A bassinet also fits in this position. Super adorable.

Nuna Demi Grow

This location of the second seat means that the overall stroller doesn’t stick out nearly as far, increasing the maneuverability immensely. It's only 24 inches deep with both seats attached! That’s it! Other double strollers on the market reach up to nearly double that length, at around 46 inches. It’s a pretty cool switch up if you ask me.

The stroller does not come with the second seat or the bassinet. But it DOES come with the frame, the original seat, two sets of car seat adapters for the PIPA car seat series, and a rain cover. The most convenient part about buying the add-on seats is there are NO adapters needed for them! The only thing that needs adapters is a car seat, and those come included.

This stroller is full of bells and whistles but to keep this review brief, I’ll just focus on a few more categories.

Nuna Demi Grow

The actual seats might be my favorite feature because there’s so much to them! They have a removable material that, when zipped off, reveal a sleek-looking mesh for warm days or for temporary simplistic use during washes. The five-point harness easily converts to a three-point harness for growing toddlers, and both the seat and the footrest recline for a comfortable fit for any situation! 

The overall look of the DEMI Grow is beautiful! But it goes much deeper than just cosmetics. Namely: the simple push brake, the custom suspension, and the swivel-lock front wheels. You name it, this stroller has got it.

Keep in mind our Love Your Stroller Guarantee as you’re on your stroller hunt, and if this stroller isn’t the one for you, feel free to check out our Stroller Buying Guide for an in-depth break down of all things strollers!

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