Nuna MIXX vs. UPPAbaby Cruz

Nuna MIXX vs. UPPAbaby Cruz

Looking for a stroller that's clunky, hard to fold, and impossible to lift into your trunk? Then close out of this post, mama.

DUH! No one is looking for that kind of hot mess. Every mama is trying to get their hands on a stroller that's easy to fold and open up, can go from trunk to trail without breaking your back, and can deal with the terrain and the transitions of your little one's lifestyle! The Nuna Mixx and the UPPAbaby Cruz are two incredible options for sturdy, versatile, and compact strollers that won't slow you down.

Nuna Mixx Stroller

Nuna Mixx

UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller

UPPAbaby Cruz

 Both of these beauties have the one-hand fold/open function, which means you won't be holding things up with buttons and clicks and locks. You'll also have the benefit of a versatile and easy-to-maneuver stroller that can handle the aisles at your favorite shops, or the sidewalks of your favorite paths. Both the strollers offer three different seating options for your babe! You can choose to clip in their carseat, or face them forward or backward in the stroller seat.

Nuna Mixx Stroller folded upNuna Folded
UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller folded up
Cruz Folded

Both the Mixx and the Cruz have the carseat adapter option, but unfortunately the Mixx will only be compatible with the Pipa Carseat. The Cruz may be a better option for you if you want to be able to fit your Chicco or Maxi-Cosi carseats into the stroller.

They've both got mega big baskets underneath, that are (for a nice change) easy-to-grab and actually fit things into! Also, they've both got the optional added rain shield so you won't worry about getting your little one drenched, if for whatever reason you decide you need to be outside when it rains instead of being curled up under blankets, drinking tea and watching HP. Isn't it so nice to have options?

If you're looking for a stroller that can go from newborn to toddler to little kid, and every stage in between, the Mixx is going to give you a little more bang for your buck, coming in a little cheaper than the Cruz. Both strollers will hold your little one up to 50lbs, so you won't need to worry about your babe outgrowing these strollers before they're (or you're) ready!

If you're looking for a lightweight, compact stroller that can go from outdoor to indoor without breaking your back, and can be a smooth, safe ride for your sweet little rider, then the Nuna Mixx and the UPPAbaby Cruz are two incredible options that will have you skipping while you stroll. XO

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