Video: Nuna PIPA Lite Infant Car Seat

Video: Nuna PIPA Lite Infant Car Seat

We now present the lightest car seat on the market! When you're a parent, you already have enough to carry around. That's where the Nuna PIPA Lite comes in.

Weighing in at only 5.3 lbs. (sans the canopy and infant insert), the Nuna PIPA Lite is about 3 lbs. lighter than the original PIPA. Despite the weight, this car seat is tough, functional, safe, light, and easy to use. It has a less than 5-second installation with the rigid lower anchors. With solid Side Impact Protection, its shell is made of EPP foam to disperse forces away from your baby in the event of a crash. The base used for installation makes taking baby in and out of the car super easy, especially if you plan to attach it to a Nuna stroller.

The main features that set this car seat apart from its predecessor—aside from the weight differences—are that the Lite doesn't have the added Dream Drape in the canopy, or a peekaboo window on the back of the canopy fabric. Additionally, to be installed, the PIPA Lite must be secured to the PIPA series base. In contrast, the original PIPA has a European belt route option for city dwelling parents who ride in Lyfts or taxis regularly.

Overall, we really recommend the Pipa Lite for parents who don’t want a heavy car seat. You don’t have to compromise on any safety features!


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