Oball? Oh yeah!

Oball? Oh yeah!

You know how some toys get played with for a couple of days and then the novelty wears off and they get tossed to the back of the closet and forgotten about for a time? Or how some toys are simply outgrown? Or how a handful of toys get thrown away each year because of missing pieces or broken parts? Well, I’m here to tell you that these scenarios simply do not happen with Oball. No matter the age, stage, or interests, these toys stick around for a very long time.

The majority of the hype of the Oball design is from the easy gripping abilities that many of their products pose. For this reason, hands down, these are fantastic baby and toddler toys. However, unlike some baby toys, kids continue to love Oball products and make use of them in imaginative and active play for many years beyond the baby phase.  

I have multiple Oball toys in my house. Sure, one is technically a Rattle Ball, but it also happens to be the coolest ball in our home. And the car that was purchased when our oldest was a couple of months old was just being played with for a significant amount of time today by this same boy who is now almost 4.5 years old. I would truly label these toys as timeless. Timeless and incredibly durable!

I think my favorite part about the balls I have is the pliability they pose. The design is soft and squishy, so if they are stepped on or smashed by other toys at the bottom of a basket, nothing happens besides a little bending then jumping right back into place. Pretty awesome. They’re definitely irresistible, even for adults. You can’t help but pick one up, toss it around a little and smush it!

These are also quite multifunctional. Of course, the Wind 'n Swim Turtle is a fantastic bath toy, but other Oball products would be awesome in the tub as well! Headed to the pool, splash pad, or beach? Pack them on up! In need for more outdoor summer toys? Oball has got you covered! Looking for a great baby shower gift? Or 1st birthday gift? Or 2nd, 3rd, 4th? Oball. Not to mention, these are very reasonably priced for the quality you’re receiving.

Basically, I'm really happy with these products and I'm confident when I say that I believe you will be too!


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