Organization Your Jam? Check Out Ju-Ju-Be!

Organization Your Jam? Check Out Ju-Ju-Be!

When adding another person to your family, it is inevitable that you are going to add to your "stuff" right? Even if you have one kid and you're adding another, your diaper bag will suddenly be filled with things that you maybe haven't been carrying around in the last year (or ever, in my case. HOLLA TO MY OTHER FIRST TIME MOMS!!) Maybe some of you are like Mary Poppins and can reach into your bottomless bag and find that binky in two seconds. I, for one am not Mary and get a little sweaty when I think of having a screaming baby, and not being able to find the soother.

Ju-Ju-Be Queen of the Nile B.F.F.

Before I joined The Baby Cubby team I had honestly not ever heard of Ju-Ju-Be bags. Some of you might be thinking, WHAT?! How had you not heard of them! But, for the other ladies out there that (like myself) have previously been blind or unaware of the organization that is Ju-Ju-Be diaper bags, this post is for you! The best part about these bags is that organization is only one of the perks. Yes, they dared go beyond being great at just one thing. Not sure you'd buy it? Stick around for a minute and let me prove it to you! 

1. The Mommy Pocket:

The Mommy Pocket has a place for all of your things! A place for your keys, sunglasses, lip gloss and other goodies. Conveniently located on the very front of the bag, it is named for you so you don't have to share it if you don't want to!

Bag Interior // The Admiral B.F.F


 2. A Bright Organized Interior:

Inside organization includes 4 gusseted pockets, 3 zippered pockets & lots of wide open space! Ju-Ju-Be intentionally chooses lightly colored fabrics for the interior of their bags so that you can see everything in there. I would have never thought of that but, it is quite genius! Not only are all of your little things organized, but your bag isn't trying to hide them from you either. BONUS!!

Insulate Bottle Pockets // Moon Beam

3. Insulated Easy Access Bottle Pockets:

No need to unzip your whole bag just to grab that pre-made bottle! Although you may have seen exterior bottle pockets on diaper bags before, I am willing to bet that they probably weren't insulated. Yes, that is right, these bottle pockets are insulated! Thanks for being geniuses you JuJuBe creators.

Ju-Ju-Be Queen of the Nile B.F.F

...and a Cherry on Top...

Because all of their features might not necessarily for "organization" but they are all amazing I have to share them all with you, so here we go!
  1. Machine Washable - then just air dry it.
  2. Teflon coated fabric to ward of stains.
  3. Agion treatment in the liner to repel mold and mildew.
  4. Memory foam changing pad.
  5. Crumb drains, get rid of those snacky messes easily.
  6. Metal hardware, for durability through the years.

See what I mean?!

Ju-Ju-Be really had mom in mind when they designed their bags. I know that organization is definitely lots of people jam, so obviously Ju-Ju-Be is probably lots of peoples jam. Are you thinking you need one of these bags in your life?! Come visit us in our Lindon store or check them out online at
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