Our Favorite Baby Shower Themes!

Our Favorite Baby Shower Themes!

I have often wondered how anyone planned anything before the days of Pinterest, especially baby showers! We've all been to some really amazing baby showers, and let's be honest here, some baby showers that have been....interesting. I haven't personally experienced pregnancy, but I imagine finding out how many squares of toilet paper you are in circumference isn't your idea of a great celebration. So, if you're given the wonderful task of planning a shower for someone you love, or if you're planning your own upcoming celebration, here are some of our favorite shower ideas!!

Co-Ed Baby-Q!

I recently did a Co-Ed BBQ baby shower (a Baby-Q) and it was the best shower I've ever thrown or attended! We did invitations like the one I show here. We did BBQ meats, and set up a hot dog bar on a paper table runner! We wrote directly onto the paper with marker to indicate what the toppings are. You can get the paper table runner at any craft store for less than $10.

By far though, the BEST part of the shower was DADDY OLYMPICS! All the dads at the party, including the father to be, competed in a three part competition. The first leg of the competition was eating applesauce off paper plates without their hands. Then the top few dads moved onto the next round which was, of course, the diaper races. The men were required to go head to head on who could put a diaper on a stuffed animal the fastest. The winners of that round moved onto the final, and best, round. CHUGGING juice from baby bottles. Everyone at the party was on their feet chanting for each of the men. It was an absolute blast! If you're looking for a baby shower theme that has more of a backyard part feel, a BABY-Q is the perfect match! 

Boy Themes!

I LOVE bow ties for boys, so when I saw this adorable baby shower idea of a "little mister" party, I was immediately in love! Check out this adorable theme! How cute are these napkins?!

I am obsessed with these favors! Even though mom's expecting a boy, the majority of those in attendance of your party will still be females, and this gift is PERFECT!

Boys can be whimsical, too! When I think about a whimsical shower, of course I always tend to think of the girls side of things; but, there are so many cute boy designs that can be whimsical as well - especially THIS amazing whimsical Hot Air Balloon theme idea!

Girl Ideas

This idea can go for both boys and girls and is a very romantic baby shower idea! It definitely has quite the intimate feel to it. When our family threw our shower in December after we brought Marcus home, we thought a Winter Wonderland theme would be such a beautiful idea, and it turned out amazing! If you're expecting in the winter, or planning a shower with some chilly weather, a "Baby it's Cold Outside" theme is such an adorable idea!

As much as I love bow ties for little boys, we all know headbands for baby girls is where it's at! I am sure that every mom reading this right now who has a girl owns more headbands than they know what to do with! There is just no way you can have a daughter and not put her in a new headband every day! That's what makes this shower idea so perfect! The Headband Station is a great way to get guests involved and make a practical and memorable gift for the new addition!

I think a baby shower is a very special day for a mom to be, something she's probably dreamed about for many years. That's why I love baby shower themes that are grand, romantic, and simply stunning! It's not very often that a woman gets to attend a Tea Party, and a baby shower for baby girl is the perfect time to have a tea party!

 Check out Fawn Over Baby for the rest of the amazing Tea Party Theme!  


My experience with my own baby shower was a bit different than your typical shower. Our baby shower was thrown a month after we brought Marcus home. At that point we had purchased almost everything we needed in terms of basics for the baby, but the shower was an amazing opportunity for everyone to meet Marcus all in one spot. It's actually quite special to have a shower AND get to show off the baby! If you happen to have a family member or friend who is adopting, make sure they get a chance to have a shower thrown for them. It was something I have always looked forward to, and even though I wasn't pregnant, I still wanted to experience such a joyous celebration! One of the best adoption ideas we came across was a "Missing Piece" theme with puzzle pieces as the main decoration. It symbolized a family finding the missing piece of their family. I adore that idea!

Good luck to all who have planning a shower on their upcoming agendas, and I hope all expectant parents have a wonderful shower in their honor! Check out these great ideas, and let us know what your favorite ideas are in the comments below!

  Written by Katelyn Bozada
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