Our Go-to Packing List for Those Last Summer Trips with Baby

Our Go-to Packing List for Those Last Summer Trips with Baby

Ah, summer. It's time for days by the pool, barbecues with friends and family, and of course, trips to get there! Whether you're near family or not, most people end up on a plane sometime during the summer. But with the presence of a little one on your trip, you'll need a literal bag of tricks to deal with whatever comes your way.

The Baby Cubby wants your travels to go smoothly, which is why we have a great assortment of trusty diaper bags, including our new line of Birdling Bags. For anything from an overnight stay to a more extended vacation, you need something sturdy, making Birdling your go-to brand.

Birdling Weekender Bag

Birdling Bags Weekender Diaper Bag in Gray

But what to pack in said bag of tricks? It depends on the age of your child, but we here at The Baby Cubby did a brainstorm of some traveling must-haves for your diaper bag (aside from the obvious ones, like diapers and wipes). Whether in a car or on a plane, here is the essential packing list for your summer trip(s):

  • Anything by Lucy Darling, including their sticker sets and adorable travel primers (These are great, because they're all about travel!)
  • An Oball for the perfect quiet, but effective, distraction

Oball Rattle


Saranoni Mini Dream Blanket
  • Plenty of little snacks to satisfy the munchies
Manhattan Toy Company Llama Book

As long as you have an assortment of these items, you can't go wrong. I recently experienced my first flight with a toddler, and was surprised at how well he did. With enough snacks, board books, small toys and soothing blankets, we kept him occupied the whole flight. Granted, he is 110% energy and always wants to explore, so I'm grateful that the flight was only an hour long! Happy travels, parents!

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