Outdoor Blankets for All Your Adventures!

Outdoor Blankets for All Your Adventures!

I love this time of year. The sun is shining and to me, that means it's time for adventures! I don't know about you, but I love being spontaneous with my family. I like to wake up on a Saturday, pack up the car and just start driving. Recently, my husband and I have been hitting up every Food Truck event near us because... well.. food trucks are little shops of heaven on wheels.

All of the food truck events we've been to over the past couple weeks (we've been multiple times a week.... I'm in a no cooking phase) have been at some really fun parks. That means in the beginning half of my trunk was filled with a giant blanket for us to sit on and stuff our faces. We also love to keep a blanket in the back for baseball games, or wherever the day calls us! I didn't know there was another option to filling your trunk with blankets designated to your outdoor adventures. These Outdoor Blankets that are AMAZING for your family adventures! No car should be without these amazing products this summer!

The Little Unicorn Outdoor Blanket

I'm in a serious navy phase right now, and this blanket is speaking my language! How cute is this design? It's practical and very stylish! This lovely outdoor blanket is water resistant, can be wiped down, and it folds down with a carrying handle! How amazing is that?! You don't have to worry about all those spills that happen on your blanket, or putting the blanket down on questionably wet grass. Plus, with this blanket folding up so small, you could probably throw it in your purse, beach bag, or diaper bag for a spur of the moment adventure! 

Gathre Square Maxi Leather Mat

As I mentioned above, definitely loving Navy right now, and this Gathre Square Maxi Leather Mat comes in a beautiful navy. Even better, there's MANY color options to fit your style and family needs! This mat is wipeable, foldable, and water proof! It is the perfect mat to lay down for a picnic, or throw over a table for a lemonade stand! It wipes down great after you use it, and makes for the perfect summer accessory to your adventures! Did I mention those cute colors? Seriously, go check out the Blush, Gray, Mint, Navy, and Tannin. You'll have a really hard time choosing which colors you want!!

Gathre Maxi - Navy
I'm lovin' on this blush Maxi Gathre mat!  
This neutral Gray Gathre Maxi mat is perfect for any outdoor adventure.
Couldn't you picture this Mint Gathre mat as the perfect shower gift?

Lulujo Baby Turkish Towel

This is a two for one deal! These adorable towels can be used for bath or beach time, or on a summer picnic. They're extra large (60"x 40"), incredibly absorbent, and 100% cotton! I just want to wrap myself up in one. The more I look at them, the more I think of all the places I want to take them! I would love to lay these down at the beach, snuggle up in them while I'm working on my sunburn, and they'll look great and be functional throughout the day! These also come in some seriously adorable colors. Great for the whole family!!

Sunshine yellow is the exact right name for this towel!
I can't think of anything yummier for a little girl than this Pink Apricot LuluJo Turkish Towel
How gorgeously classic is this Navy & Oatmeal turkish towel
You will look extra sweet laying on this Lavender LuluJo towel

You'll never get the blues with this Ocean Blue LuluJo Turkish Towel

This post has gotten me excited for all the fun summer plans we have coming up! This is such a great time of year to bond with your kids and give them a sense of adventure! Do yourself a favor and don't head out this summer without a few of these in your trunk! You never know when adventure will strike, but it's never a bad thing to have blankets on hand that can withstand some messy adventures as well.

Written by Katelyn Bozada

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I have done a couple of ship tours on celebrity eclipse and they had blankets up on the top decks which looked nice and we thought they would be great on chilly evenings up on the top deck relaxing with a cocktail or 3 on the cooler evenings!


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