Pacifiers, clips, and teethers: Ryan and Rose has them all!

Pacifiers, clips, and teethers: Ryan and Rose has them all!

What started as a need for a better solution to a more baby-friendly pacifier clip at the kitchen table, Ryan and Rose now has a team of employees across the US and Canada. Held to the highest of standards, they are committed to bringing cute, safe, and functional products to your home and The Baby Cubby can't wait to show you more!

Fashionable clips to keep track of your baby’s binkys, teethers, sippy cups, toys, blankets, or anything else you want to keep close to your baby, Cutie Clips are a favorite! (As a mom, I can definitely attest there is nothing worse than losing that pacifier in the middle of the grocery store or a sandy playground… no thanks!)  

Baby Cubby offers a variety of their stylish clips from macrame to beaded clips that double as teethers, perfect for any occasion.  

But that’s not all Ryan and Rose have to share with us. They have a beautiful line of custom pacifiers made with 100% medical-grade silicone and they are FDA approved. The Cutie PAT was created with a dual purpose in mind: the pacifier side was created to soothe an infant/baby, and the teether portion was developed to aid with teething relief.

Whether for your own sweet baby, or a gift, you'll definitely be happy you choose Ryan and Rose. 

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I love the Ryan and Rose company!


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