Parents of Newborns, Meet Your New Best Friend

Parents of Newborns, Meet Your New Best Friend

For mamas who are choosing to bottle feed, or once baby transitions from breast to bottle, you will know all too well how long it takes to warm up a bottle that you've been keeping in the fridge or freezer. If you've yet to experience this delight of parenthood, then let me just leave this tidbit with you: bottle warming can last an absolute eternity when you have a hangry baby standing by. So if you are over with the hot water in the Big Gulp cup on the counter (yes, I did this daily), and you're looking for a chic, quick way to warm your babe's bottle then the Boon ORB Bottle Warmer is perfect for you!

 This sleek little number is tiny enough to fit on your counter without taking up too much space, but actually has an opening to fit most standard bottles, which is a feature mama's don't often see in bottle warmers!  

With the auto-off feature, there's no guesswork when it comes to knowing if the bottle is warm enough! And you completely eliminate the fear of burning baby's mouth, because with the ORB steam chamber all you get is a nice even heating for every bottle.  

For multi-purpose use, this warmer also comes with a handy basket for heating up baby food.

Mamas who have used this warmer have loved how quick the bottles warm up, but wish that filling the steam chamber was a little easier and more standardized for both formula and breast milk. Overall the Baby Cubby gives this bottle warmer a big thumbs up for efficiency, being adorable, and making mama's life just a little easier! XO

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