Perfectly Plush Manhattan Toys

Perfectly Plush Manhattan Toys

Currently I have a little lady in my house that is obsessed with stuffed toys. The list of her little stuffed friends that she MUST take to bed each night continues to get longer every week. A few weeks ago, my husband brought home an extremely soft and cuddly friend, and ever since then the softer the toy, the higher it sits on her list of favorites. Do you have a cuddly-toy obsessor in your house too? Good news, Manhattan Toys sure knows how to make a plush toy, well, extra plush and cuddly!

When my daughter first became interested in toys, I bought cheap ones because I just didn't think any toy was worth more than a few dollars. I learned pretty quickly that you get what you pay for. Since then, I have been very interested in high-quality toy companies, and Manhattan is one of them! Their quality is exceptional, and their creative team is amazing!! I have never been drawn to dinosaurs before, but I took one look at the Little Jurassics trio and fell instantly in love! Aren't they the absolute cutest dinos you have ever seen?!

Hunter Dinosaur

Manhattan Toy Company Little Jurassics Plush Toy - Hunter Dinosaur


Chomp The Little Jurassics Plush Toy


Rory The Little Jurassics Plush Toy

Let's get real about stuffed animals for a minute. For many parents, they become a pile of annoying toys that just keeps getting bigger! I was convinced that we wouldn't have more than one or two in the house because I wanted to avoid the ever-growing pile. BUT as my daughter got a little older and became more attached to her few, and started to notice more, I realized they are more than a toy for her! They have become her little companions, her friends while she expresses her imagination, and tiny things that she practices nurturing.


Charlie Raccoon Woodlanders Plush Toy


 Piper Pig Lovelies Plush Toy

Don't get me wrong, I do think that there is such a thing as too many toys. However, I love toys like these ones! They give children the opportunity to decide what the toy is going to do, and use their imagination to bring the toy to life! It makes my mommy heart sing when I hear my girl in her room having a picnic with her stuffed friends. I feel like it is the perfect window to see what she is absorbing and learning in this big world.


Petals Unicorn Adorables Plush Toy


Aspen Moose Voyagers Plush Toy

Quality toys, that will withstand all of the love and adventure your child is capable of, are getting harder to find these days. Manhattan Toy Company continues to deliver beautiful toys that you and your child will be fond of for a long time to come! These adorable little plush friends would look so cute peeking out of a Christmas stocking, don't you think?! Come visit us at our brand new store in American Fork and give these little friends the cuddle test before you bring them home for the holidays!

Written by: Alyssa Liston

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