Petunia Pickle Bottom Intermix Collection

Petunia Pickle Bottom Intermix Collection

As diaper bags have evolved, they have, in some ways, become more like statement purses or high-end handbags. This comes with some pluses and minuses, as purses look good and make you feel more put-together, but purses also have a tendency to develop into large abyss-like holes that hold a whole lot of everything you can't find when you need it. You dig?

Practical and Stylish

Thankfully, some diaper bags have chosen to evolve in such a way that maintains their high-end style without creating the problem of disorganization that is so common for women's purses. One such diaper bag creator wanted to make something truly beautiful and useful. Thank you Petunia Pickle Bottom Intermix Collection!

Customize Your Intermix Experience

So what is the PPB Intermix Collection, exactly? In plain English, it's a backpack diaper bag complete with a customizable organization system to fit any outing, parenting style, situation, or circumstance. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Here are the main parts of the PPB Intermix Collection:
  The 3-in-1 Grid Caddy is really what makes it all possible, since it holds each tote and adjusts to fit 4-5 different totes, depending on your storage needs.
Petunia Pickle Bottom Intermix Collection Grid Caddy - Divider View

Mix and Match

Not only is there a size and storage option for everything you could possibly want in your diaper bag, but you can also mix and match the colors, styles, and sizes. Start by picking out the backpack you want.
The Baby Cubby offers this new deluxe diaper bag backpack in two style options: Birch/Black (made of coated canvas), and Mazes of Milano Black (made of Microfiber). Next, choose your tote types. If you know that you carry around a lot of small little items such as hair pins and jewelry (looking at you, dance moms), invest in several of the Mini Pixels to meet your organization needs. Moms who are breastfeeding/pumping, or who just like to take lunch with them on-the-go, will love the Cool Pixel for neatly packed lunches or an insulated tote that holds up to four small bottles!
Petunia Pickle Bottom Intermix Collection Cool Pixe


If you usually have a little bit of everything in your purse, invest in one of each tote type for a complete travel system that works for any occasion. I think you're catching my drift here that the packing possibilities are certainly endless. Once you've got your pixel types picked out, move on to styles and colors:

 Petunia Pickle Bottom Intermix Collection Grid Caddy and Pixels


Each pattern or style goes perfectly together so you don't have to worry about going wrong with the colors. Once you know your backpack type, pieces (or totes), and destination or outing, nothing can stop you from packing the most perfectly organized and prepared diaper bag ever. And the best part? Each insertable tote comes with easy-grab handles so you can pass off parts to older siblings or mothers' helpers at a moment's notice.

Enjoy mixing and matching to create the perfect hands-free diaper bag experience!

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