Plastic v. Glass With Your Toddler

Plastic v. Glass With Your Toddler

The great plastic or glass debate has definitely been a buzz topic lately. For some parents, plastic is completely out of the question, and others would not even pretend to use glassware with their toddlers. I didn't do much research about it before I had my kiddo, but I have done enough now to be grateful that I looked into it! So, since I believe that knowledge is power (especially when it comes to caring for your kids), I am here to simply share what I have learned with you. Come along mamas!

Glass Dishes


The Pros: Glass will hold up better than plastic. From use and storage to reheating and cleaning, glass just holds up better. It is a fact. The only "break down" that happens with glass is the breaking that can happen when it is dropped! Now, let's go back to reheating for a minute. Glass can go straight from the fridge to the oven or microwave. No need to question whether or not it is microwave safe, and it surely won't melt into a smelly puddle when thrown in the oven.  As long as you take care of them, your glass dishes will be around for all of the kids, and maybe even some grandkids.

The Cons: If your toddler throws their glass cup or plate (or, you know, "accidentally bumps it"...sneaky toddlers) onto the floor then you obviously have a safety concern. I know from experience that finding all of the glass shards so that you don't unknowingly slice your foot the next day, is quite difficult. Using glass with growing kids definitely takes more attention and teaching. But perhaps if you start with glass from day one, they will just develop learning that dishes should always stay put. 


The Pros: Plastic is virtually unbreakable. Baby Cubby owner, Cameron, put these Re-Play dishes to the ultimate test by running over a plate with his giant truck. IT DID NOT BREAK! Whaaaat?! Yep. Take that toddlers! They of course will clank when dropped, but you won't be sweeping up tiny pieces afterwards. For many people, the chemical make-up of plastic is the sole reason to turn away from it. Lucky for us, BPA has been widely banned, so, for the most part, you don't have to worry about that anymore! Of course, I always double check packaging and labels just to be positive what I am buying is in fact BPA-Free. Plastic can be recycled, and, in turn, re-made into something useful once again. Re-Play makes their plates, bowls, and utensils out of safely recycled milk jugs. Cool, right?!

The Cons: Even without the use of BPA, plastic products can still emit chemicals when they start to break down. So, you will need to be very aware of the wear on your dishes and dispose of them as they start to show signs of over use. Even before break down, it is recommended that you do not reheat food in or on plastic dishes. The heat promotes the break down that can make the dishes less safe.

So what do you think? Are you a plastic or glass parent? I honestly use a mix of both with my little lady, and it works for us right now! Learning what I have has helped me to make educated decisions on what I use, and to feel confident about it! Of course, it is always most important to do what you feel to be right for you and your kids. If that is all plastic or zero plastic I say, you go mama! Your babe is lucky to have a parent that takes the time to read up on things for them!

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