Popular Baby Trends for 2018

Popular Baby Trends for 2018

There is always so much buzz at the close of a year about what will be trending in the next year! Some things we hope stay forever, and some things we hope, with everything we have, we will never see them again. Luckily, when it comes to baby things, most of the trends we have been seeing are things we are more than happy to see for another year! Stick around for a bit and you will get a glimpse of the hottest baby products rolling into 2018!


Headware for the little ladies and gents is quite the statement piece. We are loving that bonnets and turbans  are here to stay for another year! 


Teether Toys

Who knew that teethers could be so trendy? Teething toys have recently become a highlighted product, and we continue to see more adorable ones roll out for this next year. It also seems that more and more parents are wanting to watch what types of chemicals are around their baby.

Oli and Carol teethers are BPA free, non toxic, and have zero holes so they won't grow mold inside. Feltman and Co. teethers are also made of silicone beads and a natural wood ring. The wood is treated with natural and safe beeswax and coconut oil! We are also loving this insanely fun oreo teether, and Bannor Toys wooden rattle which doubles as a toy and teether!



Moving forward on to feeding time! Quality kid dishes, that also aid in keeping mealtime cleaner, have been very popular, and will continue into 2018 with the introduction of a new brand called Avanchy. The dishes are made of bamboo and silicone, and are just as pretty as they are functional!

Comotomo bottles have been on trend for years for good reason! They are a squishy silicone material with a wide nipple base that better mimics mom's breast. A wide mouthed opening makes pouring milk and formula into the bottle much easier, and that is always a plus.


Have you heard of Tubby Todd? Their products are tried and true, and they just released a new conditioner and detangling spray. All of their products are of course 100% natural, and do wonders for sweet soft skin!



There is a lot to be said about a toy with good quality and functionality! For the youngest tykes in the house, we love the peas in a pod to attach to the car seat, shopping cart, etc., and the Skwish developmental toy.

Since development is always on trend, we are loving this pull-along elephant that is the perfect toy for your barely-sitting infant to your toddler.

The more they grow, the more kids are aware of the technology they see around them. This Magnatab is a good substitute, instead of a normal tablet, and prompts their creativity!

For your animal lovers, these beautifully colored dinosaurs (with egg) are insanely cute! And, last but not least, unicorns. They have been in the spotlight all year, and nothing seems to be changing. The GUND unicorn puffs are the perfect accessory for your school-going unicorn lover!

Swaddles and Blankets

Beautifully designed swaddles and blankets are popping up left and right. We are currently obsessed with these large mudcloth swaddles and anything from clementine kids!

Diaper Bags

Functional backpack-style diaper bags continue to be on trend for good reason: mamas are in love with them! The latest and greatest are the Freshly Picked diaper bag and the Lassig Goldie bag. Both are beautiful, functional for mom and baby, and will stand the test of time.

Carriers and Wraps

We are still loving the baby-wearing trend, and are so glad that new products of that kind keep popping up on the market. On our lists for the best in the new year are the Happy Baby Carrier, with a unique fold-up bottom, and the completely improved and redesigned Ergobaby Wrap.



Beautiful cotton basics have been capturing the hearts of everyone, and we suspect they will continue to! Some of our favorites are made of organic cotton by L'ovedbaby with such soft, neutral colors. The romper train doesn't seem to be slowing down. You are absolutely going to love their olive, grey, and teal thermal rompers. The best part? They have a zippered closure!! See you later snaps!

Do you have little girls? Make sure they are trotting (or crawling) around in style with these stockings and knee highs! For your little guys, pick up a few pairs of Stance socks, and perhaps even a matching pair for dad too!

Isn't everything so fun?!! I am so glad I can keep my little lady in knee highs for another year. Guess what?! You still have time to hop onto babycubby.com or come visit us in store to get some of these things under the Christmas tree!

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Hi! I’m so curious to know what the brand is called that makes the rompers with the zipper! I absolutely love it!!

Salvor Thorlacius

It’s from Eleanora and Co. :)

The Baby Cubby

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