Preparations for Flu Season

Preparations for Flu Season

Caring for a sick baby or child is a full-time job, which means every other responsibility us moms have get put on the back-burner until further notice. Because it is such an overbearing task, I’ve come up with a few tips to ensure you have the best help available, especially as the flu season will soon commence.

Flu Shots

It is recommended that everybody in the family receive a flu shot at the beginning of, or before each flu season. Typically this puts you in October, so that you have plenty of time for the antibodies to develop, which takes about two weeks. However, any time during the flu season, they are available and highly suggested. If a child is receiving a flu vaccination for the first time in their life and is under the age of 9, they will need to get what is called a booster dose or booster shot. This second dose of the flu shot must be given no sooner than 28 days after the original shot. It helps to improve the effectiveness of the flu vaccine. The flu shot alone does stimulate the immune system, but often isn’t able to create enough antibodies needed to adequately ward off the flu for those receiving it for the first time. I’ll be honest; I haven’t ever gotten my kids or myself flu shots as early as October. My son’s birthday is in November, so while we’re in the doctor’s office for his yearly checkups, we do flu shots at that time. However, after researching all about the flu vaccine for this article, I’ve decided that waiting another three weeks may not be the smartest decision. You can bet I’ll be going in as soon as possible to get all four of us our flu shots, as this flu season approaches.

Proper Equipment

Investing in a few products designed especially for sick kiddos is definitely not a bad idea. Surely things like humidifiers and thermometers are going to be used over and over again, so to have them on hand is a smart idea. I’m continually impressed at some of the technologies available for parents to use on their children in this day and age. Items like the Fridababy Fever Frida and the Owlet Vitals Monitor are incredibly resourceful, and have the definite capacity to ease some of the worry that comes with a sick babe.Fridababy Fever Frida Thermometer Sensor

Fridababy Fever Frida Thermometer Sensor

These two products in particular monitor your baby while asleep, so you never have to wake them or fidget with regular thermometers in order to get their temperature reading, and the Owlet gives you vital readings – not only is this great for decreasing the rate of SIDS, but it is fantastic for babies who are sick or have serious health issues. Many pediatricians will recommend buying one of these monitors when a young baby experiences various types of medical complications. Whether you go full-out with these high-tech, incredibly convenient products or not, you’re definitely going to want to be prepared.

Owlet V2 Smart Sock Baby Vitals Monitor

Owlet V2 Smart Sock Baby Vitals Monitor

Support Crew

Not only are you going to want to be prepared physically, but emotionally as well. It can be taxing and exhausting taking care of a young one who isn’t feeling great, but you’ll need to try your very best to keep yourself taken care of in order to keep your immune system up and not get sick yourself! It’s also a good idea to rely on some type of support crew when dealing with sick kiddos. Whether this means your husband leaves for work late or comes home early in order to lend a helping hand, or a phone call to a sister or best friend to vent and ask for advice, or asking a neighbor to grab a gallon of milk for you the next time they run to the grocery store. Leaning on others is not something to be ashamed of when you’re up to your neck with (what can be) a scary and tiring situation for many moms.

Here’s hoping this next flu season is a mild one and that you and yours will stay healthy! But for now, get your flu shots as soon as you can and be sure you're prepared in case a sickness comes to your home!

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