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Pretty in Pink- A Dish Drama

Pretty in Pink- A Dish Drama

Here's the deal, mamas--dishes make a difference.

I know. Shocking.

As mamas, we may be fine eating ice cream out of a carton, or cookies straight from the bag, but our littles want something a little more fun. For reasons that are yet unknown to the average human being, toddlers insist on having specific dishes in specific colors in specific places at the table. Any deviation from said specifications will result in utter chaos.

My mama advice? Avoid the dish drama and get your babes a set of dishes they will love using! As an added bonus, you can find dishes that are safe, eco-friendly, and can be thrown in the dishwasher to clean off at the end of the day, ensuring that they're ready for another day of meals that are hardly touched! Just kidding...but not really... *sobbing*

Re-Play Tumbler - Baby Pink

Re-Play Tumbler - Baby Pink

If you have a little girl in your life who is OBSESSED with all things pink, then run (don't walk) to get the baby pink set of dishes and utensils from Re-Play!

If you're new to the Re-Play brand, the first thing to know is that all of their dishes are made from recycled milk jugs! I know. So awesome. This makes them friendly for the environment as well as for your kids. They are also indestructible. For real. Our Cubby Moms ran over one of the plates with a truck and the darn thing was still in perfect condition. So they should be able to withstand even the toughest toddler. They're also BPA-free, microwave and dishwasher safe, and are designed to help our kids learn how to use dishes and utensils properly!

Re-Play Utensil Set - Baby Pink

Re-Play Utensil Set - Baby Pink

When our tots are learning how to eat on their own, it can be impossibly frustrating to watch them fumble around with spoons and forks while they are getting more food on themselves than in their mouths. But just be patient, keep encouraging them, and I promise that practice makes perfect! Help them by showing them the proper way to hold their utensils, and guide them when they're starting out. Then let them work on going through the motions themselves. Be consistent and that hand-eye coordination will kick in before you know it!

The great thing about Re-Play dishes is they have the right designs and features that make it easy on our kids to practice eating on their own.

Re-Play No Spill Cups - Baby Pink
Re-Play Flat Plates - Baby Pink
Re-Play Divided Plates - Baby Pink

Their plates have deep sides which make them perfect for littles who are still learning how to scoop things up, and their no-spill cup makes messes an old nightmare. And, of course, their divided plates help to make sure that you never have to have the argument that "foods touching other foods don't make them poisonous" ever again. *cheering*


Avoid the dish drama by making sure you're setting your little one up with a set of dishes that will help them get the hang of eating on their own! Baby pink Re-Play Dishes are going to have you covered, and will help your little start eating and drinking like a big kid in no time!

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