Cubby Matchup: Puj Tub vs. Boon Naked

Cubby Matchup: Puj Tub vs. Boon Naked

When my son was born, I thought I had all my ducks in a row. Except, as most parents learn, all my ducks were quacking, flailing and running about--they certainly were not in a row. I had (what I thought) was an excellent little bathtub. But it ended up being a terrible hassle. As a new parent, you're already learning everything the hard way, so let me make your job a little easier.

The PUJ Tub and the Boon Naked are both excellent bathtub options for your baby, but let's break it down further so you can decide what works best for you!
 PUJ Tub: The PUJ Tub is a light weight, foldable tub that fits in most standard sized sinks. This sleek little tub is made from mold and mildew resistant foam. As a parent myself, I could see this tub being very convenient for baths, especially if you are on the go a lot! Since it does fold up flat, it is easy to throw in the car and take to Grandma's house if need be. I also love that the PUJ Tub can be hung on a towel rack to dry, eliminating any areas where water could pool. And it's a space saver! It isn't bulky in the least bit. The PUJ Tub can fit almost anywhere! From a mother's perspective, the PUJ Tub is a fantastic choice for overall convenience. However, consider these drawbacks:
  • Your baby will grow out of it - The PUJ Tub can only be used while your baby is tiny enough to fit in the sink without being able to sit up on his own. That means a few months down the road, you may not use it.
  • Your baby could get cold - I tried a tub sink and ultimately did not like it because I felt like I struggled to keep my tiny baby warm (especially in the beginning). I kept the water on and put a warm cloth on his belly, but even then, I felt like he was shivering.
Boon Naked: The Boon Naked is an excellent choice for babies ages newborn to 18 months. It is collapsable and folds up flat, saving you loads of space. The Boon Naked can be used almost anywhere with it's innovative, one-piece design. There is no need to keep track of extra parts to adjust the Boon Naked tub as your baby grows--as I mentioned before, it is all one piece! Recline the tub to keep your newborn's head above water, or lay it flat for your older baby to sit up and splash in!  I love this feature! Because all babies are different sizes, I feel like the Boon Naked would be easier to adjust to your baby (and more comfy for him too)! I also love that it can be filled with just enough water to keep your baby warm so he can have a nice, relaxing bath! The Boon Naked is definitely an excellent tub! However, don't forget to consider the following:
  • Less Comfortable For Mom & Dad - The Boon Naked is made to be used inside the bathtub or on the floor. It is advised to not be used on countertops or table tops. That being said, The Boon Naked could agitate your back and knees while you are kneeling over to wash your baby.

Both of these tubs are amazing and would be great choices for any new or experienced parents! To learn more, visit the Baby Cubby.

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