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Why You Need a Sleep Bag

As a new mom (let's be honest I'm still a new mom) I was terrified of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). I would stay awake watching my baby breathe even when she was sound asleep. Sure, my baby girl waking up every few hours was draining, but the anxiety I felt over her suddenly passing away was unbearable. 

At every check up, our pediatrician reviews safe sleep guidelines with us. One of the guidelines to help prevent SIDS is to make sure that baby has only a firm mattress and fitted sheet in their crib with them. Sounds great. Super easy rule to follow in the dead of summer, but what about during a freezing cold winter? How does that work? What do I do? I don’t want my baby to freeze to death.

The answer is sleep bags. Sleep bags or sleep sacks are designed for baby’s arms to be free and to allow full movement of their hips and legs (this is ideal once they start rolling over) while keeping them covered and cozy. Most sleep bags are safe for newborns as long as their head cannot go through the neck hole. 

Quincy Mae knew we mothers would be in search of something warm and safe for our babies now that it is October, and boy, they did not disappoint. Warm, safe, and even cute! The bag’s soft jersey material is the perfect mixture of cuddly and breathable. The bags come decorated in moons, cactus, or dots

Although my paranoia over SIDS did not go away until much later, following the safe sleep guidelines with a sleep bag gave me a sense of peace that I was doing everything I could to protect my little babe. I found that my baby even slept a little sounder when she had her sleep bag.

Any of these Quincy Mae Sleep Bags will keep baby not only safe, but also snuggly warm as they drift off to sleep--hopefully, with minor wake-up calls for mama.

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Abby Love

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