RAVA Car Seat Review and How To

RAVA Car Seat Review and How To

The Nuna RAVA Convertible Car Seat really wins at the car seat game my friends.  Here's why!


I love it's sleek appearance! 

Ease of Installation:

Did you know that nearly half of carseats are installed incorrectly? (See the article in USA Today.) When I think of all the sweet babies that could face injuries or death due to installation errors, I start to panic a little (okay... a lot). The RAVA seat actually combats that huge issue.  It will indicate when its been installed correctly!


Research shows that installing a car seat with the seat belt is safer and the RAVA makes that easier with it’s true tension door. Research also indicates that rear facing is five times safer than forward facing (for more info on that go here). The RAVA allows you to have your children rear facing longer (up to a whopping 50 lbs)! It features Side Impact Protection (SIP) pods to absorb energy in the event of a crash. It is made with an all steel frame and a reinforced belt path.

Other features:

  • Dual flip-open cup holder
  • 10 position adjustable head support and harness height
  • No-rethread 2-position crotch buckle
  • 10 position recline
  • Ventilation panels within the shell
  • Machine washable
See what I mean?

Now watch our new how-to video and learn how to use install the seat, use it's features, and enjoy!

Written by: Natalie Gubler
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