Reasons to Love the Breeze Plus

Reasons to Love the Breeze Plus


Playards, portable cribs, or whatever you want to call them are a very useful product for many, many parents. Whether you will be away from home overnight or are simply spending the day outside and want somewhere for baby to play other than on the ground; they are just so useful! The only thing that isn't useful about most of them is the headache that they are to set up.

4moms has been seeing needs in the parenting world and filling them since they were founded in 2005. So, naturally, they decided that parents needed a playard option that didn't bruise their shins and their patience. Enter the Breeze Plus! The playard that your mom is going to wish she had, and might just want to have around for the grandma life.   

4moms Breeze Plus Playard - Baby Cubby

4moms Breeze Plus Playard

Reasons to love the Breeze Plus

One push to open = set up in seconds!! Traditional playards have a combination of a push-down bottom and side rails that all must be individually locked out. If you don't lock out the rails and bottom in the right order, or completely precise then you have to start all over again. NO THANKS! I will take the one push open all day long over the alternative.

Two different configurations. 4moms took the Classic Breeze and amped it up with the bassinet and changing station addition. Now, even when you are away from your nursery at home you have a convenient place to change baby off the ground. The bassinet spot keeps those tiny little babes snug while they sleep. From experience, I know that security makes a big difference for babies when they are in different or new circumstances.

One pull to close. We love this feature for all the same reasons that we love the one push to open feature. Anything that only requires one hand, and one quick step will get the popular vote with parents time and time again am I right?! All you have to do is pull up with one hand, and your playard is ready to be conveniently packed into the provided travel bag.

And that is it! The simplicity of the Breeze Plus is part of the reason we are so in love with it. You have an easy open and close, a comfortable mattress, a bassinet and changing feature, and a convenient way to transport it. There just really isn't much more you need out of a portable crib! If traveling with a young babe is in your near or distant future, you will surely want to have the Breeze Plus along on your adventures with you! What else have you found is a must have for travel with babies? Let us in on your best kept traveling tips and secrets in the comments!

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