Reasons to Love the Mesa

Reasons to Love the Mesa

 A car seat is something that every babe needs, and as parents we want to make sure we're investing in the safest option for our little one. The UPPAbaby Mesa is an infant car seat that not only exceeds safety standards, but is comfortable for your child, and easy for parents to install and adjust.

Here are some reasons why we LOVE the Mesa!

Uppa Baby Mesa Car Seat 


10 Second Install

With the Mesa, you never have to worry about fussing over install, because they've made it quick and easy! With UPPAbaby's Smart Secure System features a tightness indicator that turns green when level, and has self-retracting LATCH connectors to make sure the base is firmly in place. You can check out our video to see just how quick it is to install!


No Re-thread Harness

When it's time for your little one to get a little more shoulder room, you won't have to worry about disassembling their car seat to get to those straps, with the Mesa you simply pull up to adjust, and the harness will move up or down, keeping baby comfortable and safe! It also has a super comfortable, adjustable headrest that features side impact technology to protect baby's head and neck in the event of a crash.

Compatible with the Vista

To make sure you’re able to take babe with you wherever you go, the Mesa is compatible with the UPPAbaby Vista Stroller, without the need for any additional adapters. You’re able to adjust the seat forward or backward depending on your/baby’s preference to give you maximum comfort and convenience. Since the Mesa is made from super comfortable, breathable material, your little one will be riding in comfort whether in the car or the Vista!


UPPAbaby Mesa Car Seat and Vista Stroller

Easy Release

Taking your babe's carseat in and out of the car or the stroller can be a hassle if you have to wrestle with buttons or latches to get it free, but the Mesa has made it so simple with its one-handed release. Simply push the button on the top of the carrying handle, and you're unclipped from the base or the Vista! This is perfect for mamas that have their hands full-- So pretty much every mama I know!

No matter what your budget, a safe car seat is something you will never regret investing in. The UPPAbaby Mesa combines safety, convenience, and comfort to ensure that your babe has the best ride wherever you're headed!

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