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Rocking the Babyletto Kiwi Glider

Rocking the Babyletto Kiwi Glider

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I 100% recommend gliders for new moms! If I were keeping track of how many hours I’ve spent in my chair, I’d likely be baffled by the number. A price can’t be put on peaceful moments spent in the rocking chair bonding and loving on a fresh-from-heaven baby.

My best friend is pregnant with her second baby, another girl. Her house layout includes the master bedroom downstairs and the other bedrooms (for Baby Girl 1 and Baby Girl 2) upstairs. She was explaining to me the other day that when her first was born, they took their pediatrician’s advice and had their new daughter sleeping in their bedroom for the first several months of her life. Because of this, they took the rocking chair, for feeding and rocking (especially in the middle of the night) from her completed nursery upstairs to their room downstairs. Down the road, when they moved their daughter upstairs into her nursery, they also moved the beloved rocking chair back to its rightful place in their girl's bedroom. Now that baby number 2’s arrival is getting closer, my friend finds herself in a predicament. The new baby will also be sleeping downstairs in the master bedroom for the first few months after she arrives, but my friend simply doesn’t want to move the rocking chair out of her older daughter’s room. She is now in search of a new chair for her bedroom that will one day make its way upstairs to her new baby’s nursery. She asked me to keep an eye out for a new chair. Instantly, I knew which one I should tell her about: Babyletto’s Kiwi Glider. This glider contains all of the bells and whistles you didn’t even know you wanted. But after you read them, you'll think, "Give them all to me NOW!" A few of the best features include:

  1. A USB port built into the inside of the chair’s arm. We all know there can be loooong stretches of time spent in a rocking chair, especially when babies are brand new. Having a place to charge your phone or tablet while rocking or feeding a baby is a perfect accessory to the perfect chair! Not to mention, I feel like dads (okay, maybe it’s just my husband) get bored with babies more quickly than moms do. This USB port in the Kiwi might be the perfect incentive to get Dad to take a few extra shifts holding a baby who refuses to be set down all while watching sports or catching up on some reading.
  2. Low maintenance materials. The Kiwi is very comfortable and has a gorgeous finish to it, but the real beauty here is how easy it is to clean and maintain. At our store, we succeed in wiping this guy clean with just water and a rag! It bounces back rather well to spit up, pee, and other spills that are sure to be in its future!
    Babyletto Kiwi Electronic Recliner and Swivel Glider - White Linen
  3. A quiet, smooth recline. This is an underrated and under-tested feature when it comes to test driving rocking chairs/gliders! There would be nothing worse than finally getting Baby to sleep, then trying to get out of ‘recline mode’, just to startle baby awake and have to start all over again. Opening and closing the built-in footrest are both simple, smooth, and quiet!
  4. A tall back. A lot of gliders sacrifice comfort for style. Which, while pretty, is definitely not ideal when it comes to long or frequent rocking sessions. The Kiwi not only has a modern look, but its 40-inch height limit means there were no cutting corners to make it more “fashionable”. In fact, the height and modern wingback design not only account for comfort, but style and design as well!
  5. Speaking of comfort: the Kiwi comes with a lumbar pillow! Sitting down for long periods of time definitely takes a toll on our bodies! A little lumbar support, especially for recovering mamas, will go a long way. Babyletto has gone above and beyond to ensure the most comfort possible, and our backs love them for it!

These five features, while the coolest, are just scratching the surface of this awesome glider: including the capacity for this chair to swivel. I’m amazed how much I use and love that feature in my own glider! There are many occasions where being able to swivel the chair around in either direction has been a true lifesaver. I definitely categorize a rocking chair as an essential for new moms, and as my friend has proven, these have a lifetime of use and love ahead in store for them. So much so, that they are necessary in multiple rooms in the house! Whether you’re rocking the Babyletto Kiwi or not, soak up every moment of those rock-a-bye’s!

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