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Ruggish Co.

Keeping the decor in your home on point, while still making it a functional (aka play-friendly) space for your kids is not always the easiest thing to do. And in a place where gray rules the decorating world, you may struggle to find pieces that will complement your style while still being functional and kid-friendly.

The good news is Ruggish Co. succeeded in making the perfect piece to suite your chic style. Ruggish Co. Double-Sided Play Rugs are beautifully stylish on one side, and practically playful on the other! With two gorgeous, neutral, gray patterns these rugs will look great in any room in your home. And on the other side? A map that will keep them playing for hours on end!

These mats are durable, waterproof, and are so easy to clean, they will make you shed tears of joy. They're also going to be a comfortable place for your kids to play with a cushiony layer of memory-foam. This can also be used as a great mat for working out while the kids nap, because the foam absorbs the impact of your body and makes it more comfortable (and quiet) for all your moves.

These mats are the perfect size to fit into any room (4' 7" x 6' 9" x  .5" thick), and will keep your mama skills on point when you can do a quick flip and switch to playtime on the spot! They also come with a one-year warranty so you can be sure to get the most out of these beautiful rugs. Imagine having one of these in your front room on the great gray pattern while company is over, and turning it over to the play side while you get dinner on the table... I know. Perfection.

You can choose between the two designs, Lulu or Romy, or you can work both of them into your home's unique design. With the neutral gray palette, you can mix these into rooms full of color, or use them as a complementing piece to your monochromatic gray style.  

Ruggish Co. Double-Sided Play Rug- Romy


Ruggish Co. Double-Sided Play Rug- Lulu


These multi-use Ruggish Co. rugs will make your life as a mama easier by giving you a piece that keeps your kids comfy and entertained, while still satisfying your sense of style.

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