Safe Co-Sleeping Practices

Safe Co-Sleeping Practices

In my third trimester, I was roughly the size of a houseboat with an attitude of an exhausted toddler. Day after day, I would hear people laugh and say, "sleep while you can! You'll never sleep again!" I would smile politely while internally glaring, sending my fury toward them in a fiery ball of madness. Once my son was born, I quickly realized they weren't kidding. In fact, it was no laughing matter at all. Why would someone laugh about that? Endless nights with months of no sleep, engorged boobs and late night ponderings, wondering how on earth could humans keep procreating after all this time when something so tiny is so exhausting!

Luckily for me, once my baby was full of yummy milk, he passed out. Unfortunately, I had no education on co-sleeping products or practices meant to make parent's lives easier (and a lot less sleepy)!

Co-sleeping means sharing a "family bed" with the children. Some parents find this a lot easier when they have newborns to feed, change and care for multiple times a night. Here are some things to know about creating a safe family bed for co-sleeping:

  • Baby should always be placed on his or her back
  • The mattress should be firm (baby should not be placed on any waterbeds, pillows or anything too soft)
  • No blankets, stuffed animals or pillows near the baby's face
  • Parents sharing the family bed should refrain from using drugs, alcohol or any medication that might make them sleep deeply

Many products are on the market for parents wishing to safely co-sleep with their little ones. Bedside bassinets are a great option for parents that want their own space, but still want the convenience of having baby right there. It is especially great for nursing mothers who can simply roll over to feed the baby without much hassle.

Parents that would like to share a family bed might like the security the DockATot provides! DockATot is a dream come true for new parents. I know I was extremely worried about rolling over on my son when he was tiny, so I would only nurse him sitting up, prohibiting me from falling asleep. DockATot was created to help you sleep easier, so you won't have to live that nightmare. The safe and cozy DockATot is the perfect resting place for your baby ages 0-8 months. The padded edges create a safe barrier between you and your sleeping baby, while still providing the convenience of having your baby right there to snuggle and feed. At the bottom of this cozy lounger, clasps allow adjustments to be made to the length and snugness of the DockATot. Better yet, all materials on the DockATot are washable and hypoallergenic! What a wonderful way (for everyone) to get a great nights sleep! 

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