SAHM: Accomplishing Goals For Me

SAHM: Accomplishing Goals For Me

It takes me a while after having a baby to get back into taking care of me like I should. Don't get me wrong, I don't completely let myself go during my postpartum phase, I just definitely don't get back to doing everything I usually do for months following. Honestly, I tend to let myself fall into excuses pretty easily as I wait for some kind of intense motivation to just overcome me one day.

The other day, one of my dearest friends put a quote on her Instagram that I really needed, "Goals will not be accomplished if you wait for motivation. Commitment must come first; motivation follows." Talk about a big old palm to the face here. Who knew consistently turning off your morning alarm for your workouts and taking naps when you could be working on your hobbies or actually getting done up for the day doesn't promote motivation? OBVIOUSLY I know that, but it is just so easy for me to give in to the excuses when I have a small baby in my house.

Nesting Olive Classis Housedress - Baby Cubby

Nesting Olive Classic Housedress

Even though I have been in the mom game for over three years, I still have to remind myself that things just aren't going to happen like they did before. My small sewing projects might take a whole week rather than a day or two, workouts have to be done early or late if I don't want to be interrupted, BUT that doesn't mean I shouldn't do them. I just have to adjust how I think and prepare for accomplishing them a little more than I did before.  MBM Hammered Crescent Bar Necklace - Baby Cubby

MBM Hammered Crescent Bar Necklace

\My family is, of course, my top priority, but in order for me to be my best self for them, I have to accomplish my own goals and desires regularly too! My husband recently asked me, "What do you even like to do as your hobbies? You don't take time to do much other than your regular day-to-day stuff." I told him I like to work out and he responded that I need to allow myself to do and try things so that I can find things I enjoy enough to make accomplishments for myself and build who I am on top of being a wife and a mother!

Giving everything I have to be a mother and wife truly brings me so much joy! But, when I do take the time to set goals and focus on following through with them, I am filled with the same joy! Here is to not hitting snooze on my alarm this week, and finding a new project to immerse myself in when my tiny loves have gone to bed! Let me know in the comments how you keep yourself committed to accomplishing your goals and doing things for you while you are in the throws of motherhood!

Written by: Alyssa Liston

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