SAHM: Am I the Only One?

SAHM: Am I the Only One?

When you're a mama who stays at home, works, does both, or anywhere in between, it can sometimes feel like you're the only one. It can be hard on mamas and isolating in a way that only another mama can understand. When those negative thoughts creep in, and we start asking, "Am I the only one?", sometimes we need someone to remind us that we're NOT.

So I decided to take one for the team, and do a little poll on my instagram asking other mamas some of the things that make me feel like I'm the only one. Whether good, bad, or funny, I'm hoping that the results of my post will help you to feel like you're not the only one who deals with the good, bad, silly, and crazy!

Do you drink caffeine every day?

49% Yes, 51% No

This one was a pretty even split, so whether you're a buzz believer like me to get through the day, or choose to go without, you've got mamas who get that.

Do your kids get screen time every day?

83% Yes, 17% No

So the next time someone at the grocery store tries to give you the stink eye because your kid is using the iPad, just go ahead and give them a big old smile, because the majority of mamas are right there with you.

Are you able to use the bathroom by yourself ever?

39% Yes, 61% No

I have lost all pretense of closing the bathroom door these days, because I know I will have at least one little visitor while I'm in there, and thankfully it looks like I'm not alone. If you're one of the lucky ones who gets to pee in peace, then cherish it, mama.

Do you always buckle your babe in the grocery cart?

12 % Yes, 88% No

This is one where I get people stopping me in grocery stores all the time (like all the time) telling me that I really should strap in my kids. And I know, alright, I know. But it's nice to know that I'm not alone in not wanting to deal with a screaming, writhing, beast of a child the entire shopping trip just so they can have a buckle on.

Is your kid still rear facing in their car seat?

47% Yes, 52% No

This was one I asked out of curiosity more than anything, because once my son turned 2, we turned him forward facing, even though his car seat would support him for a couple more years rear facing. I think it's safe to say that with this one, every parent is a little different in his/her reasons behind leaving the kids rear facing for longer, but you're never a bad parent if you turn them around when the weight and legal age limit allow it.

Do you let your littles eat sugar?

99% Yes, 1% No

So don't you ever feel bad about handing over that handful of M&M's to your kid for having a good day at school, or getting a treat with them when daddy is working late at the office. Nearly every mama in this poll said that their littles get sugar, so that's something you can cross off your list for feeling bad about, okay mama?

Do you have a babe that constantly take her diaper off?

19% Yes, 81% No

This is one that I have been dying to know because I have a little girl who is fully dressed, and 10 seconds later, I turn around and she is fully nude. First of all, how?! Second of all, STOP! Turns out more mamas than not don't deal with this, but it's good to know that a few of us are out here suffering to keep a diaper on their babe's bum.

Do you get fast food for your kids?

95% Yes, 5% No

Okay, I am a huge fast food junkie, and I will just about die without getting a coke regularly from my local McDonalds. There are times when getting fast food for our littles makes so. much. sense. Pregnant and can't stand the smell of food? Fast food. Date night and need to get the kids something quick? Fast food. You are so not alone mama, and don't feel bad that after you cook a nice meal at home, your kids demand chicken nuggets. We've been there!

Do your kids try to kill each other at least once a day?

69% Yes, 31% No

As far as my mama friends that have at least 2 kids, it looks like I am not alone in constantly demanding that my kids stop fighting, stop wrestling, stop screaming, just stopstopstop at least once a day. If you have littles that don't fight, please explain, because I need some serious advice. But for you mamas like me who are one step away from quarantining your kids in separate rooms all day, let's hang out!

Has your kid ever thrown a tantrum in a grocery store?

94% Yes, 6% No

I deal with this on a weekly basis, which is why I've become a major proponent for the whole grocery pick up/delivery situation. I'm a fan. And if you even suggest that I take BOTH my kids to the grocery store, I will visibly recoil. Ew. No. Turns out I'm not the only mama who has had to deal with a screaming, hitting, crazy child in the grocery store, and if I ever see it, I simply give a nod and smile and move. on. Mama, you are NOT ALONE so don't cower if your little is rolling around on the floor in the snack aisle because you won't buy them a bag of hard caramels.

Whether any of these questions are on your "Am I the Only One?" list, or if you have others that keep you up at night, I hope this was a way to show you that every mama out there feels like she's doing things wrong and that can make her feel like she's the only one out there doing it wrong.

Well, you're wrong. Because we're all in this together! Making choices and changes, and making it work for us and our littles. Hang in there, mama. You're not alone. Head over to The Baby Cubby's instagram and let us know some of your "Am I the Only Ones?" so we can all relate to this crazy mama journey together!

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