SAHM: Slowly Expanding Your Quarantine Circle

SAHM: Slowly Expanding Your Quarantine Circle

Since COVID became a world-wide problem and we were all asked to quarantine, we've been at home wondering just when we're going to be reunited with our normal lives again. Since our homeschooling for the year is finishing up (thank heavens) and summer is here, everyone in the fam is going to be begging for their fave warm weather activities and play time with their besties.

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With little things here and there starting to open back up, it's tough to know when it's actually okay to be around other people, when you have to wear a mask, whether or not we're at risk, and on and on and on. But with the lockdown lightening up in certain states the temptation to run out of your house and shoot confetti cannons is a little too strong for this mama, ya know?

So if you're absolutely getting stir crazy and your babes are asking for their friends over and over, here are some things that could help when you're choosing to branch out into the world again!

Ask Questions

When you're deciding who to include into your new circle you need to ask some questions to make sure you're not increasing your risk of getting sick. Even though you might know the answers already. Anyone in their home have any symptoms? Any recent travel? Anyone working outside the home? Check in with your little group weekly to see if any of them had appointments, went to their grandma's house, or braved the lines at Costco. You get to decide whether or not you feel comfortable with the answers, and when to hold off on meeting up until you're ready!

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Small Circle

I can't be the only one who wants to invite every single one of my friends over for a bbq just because I miss them, right? Even though things are getting a little less strict, we need to take a deep breath, and acknowledge that things are still uncertain out there. So, keeping your circle small and consistent is really the only way you can control exposure, and even then it's far from perfect. Set up a group of friends that you are hanging out with, and agree to only hang out with members of that group. We're officially in the era of, "YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US!" without being called the mean girls. Make sure to keep the communication open with your kids about only being able to see a few friends to stay safe. Including them in the conversation will go a long way in helping them feel in control of the situation.

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Keep it Outside

Open air and sunshine is good for the soul, and it's a good idea for play dates too! Although the sun won't totally eliminate COVID (I know, bummer), it's a safer alternative to having others over to your home or hanging out at a besties house. Getting out and letting your littles run around, fly kites, or ride bikes would be a great way to keep your babes busy and run off some energy. You can make sure to have the kids get a good helping of sanitizer before touching sand toys or sharing a football, but do your best to let them have fun without too much worry. Oh, and don't forget sunscreen, mamas. The last thing we need right now is sun damage.

The hard part about the COVID quarantine is that there is so much unknown, and even when things start to seem a little more like normal we're not totally sure if it's any safer. Until we get the "all clear" from the people doing the science, there's always some risk involved. But when you do decide to start seeing other friends and family again, do your best to stay cautious and conservative to keep your family safe and healthy!

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