Sale! Sale! Owlet Sale!

Sale! Sale! Owlet Sale!

If you have been reading along here for a few months, you might have seen my post about how we survived RSV and Coronavirus with the Owlet Smart Sock. So yeah, we LOVE it. We think EVERYONE should have one. Do you have one yet? If your answer is no, then NOW is the time to get it!!

From now until May 11th, you can get the Sock and Camera Bundle for $299, which is $100 off the usual price! Don't need the camera? No problem! You can get just the Smart Sock for just $199 which is also $100 off the usual price!

This is such a killer deal you guys! It became such a key and treasured part of my parenting life this year and I am so happy it is on sale so you have the opportunity to get one cheaper than normal! Hop onto our site or over to the store as fast as you can so you don't miss out!

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