Salt Water Sandals: Simple, Stylish, and Perfect for Summer!

Salt Water Sandals: Simple, Stylish, and Perfect for Summer!

Summer is finally here, mamas! Here in CA, we're just getting out of the June gloom, and we're ready to be out at the beach, in the sun, and running around outside all. day. long.

When you have little kids that are constantly going from the pool to the park to the beach and (briefly) indoors, you're going to need some shoes that will fit their summer style without slowing them down--that's where Salt Water Sandals come in to save your sunny summer day!

Salt Water Sandals are the perfect pair of shoes for boys and girls, and they will last through all of your summer adventures without you cringing and wanting to replace them.

These sandals are made to last, and the rubber sole will mold to your babe's feet to make it easier for them to walk/run/jump/somersault through their day without any trouble. At The Baby Cubby we carry a few different styles for littles, in the Classic Salt Water Sandal, Sun-San Sailor Sandal, and the Sun-San Surfer Sandal.

For a mama who lives her summers around the water, the fact that these sandals are water resistant, from the leather to the buckles, makes my life so much easier! I can't tell you how many pairs of shoes I've thrown out thanks to that inevitable stank that comes from a cloth shoe getting soaked. Salt Water Sandals still look pristine after a day at the beach, water rides at the amusement park, or running through the sprinklers in the backyard.

They're hand-stitched, made of genuine leather, and they're super easy to clean! You can either wipe them down, or even throw them in the wash. Popsicle drips? Sunscreen spray? Step on some s'mores? No. Problem. They are so easy to clean that you never have to worry about them losing their shape, color, or wearing down.

The Baby Cubby has styles for both littles, and mamas, because we know if it's good for your babe, it's good for you too mama! Plus, don't even get me started on the adorable mama and mini moment in Salt Water Sandals! They are just as comfortable and gorg on adults as they are on our littles, and you will love how versatile they are! Plus, I love that they go with everything, and come in simple, chic colors and will be your go-to summer shoe!

Summer is heating up, and if you're gearing up for some adventures with your littles, you're going to want to get some Salt Water Sandals to keep up! They're simple, stylish, and the perfect shoe for summer!

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