Saltwater Sandals are Here!

Saltwater Sandals are Here!

Sweet, sweet summer time, mamas!

We are finally getting into the warm weather days where we don't have to bundle up! We can actually let our little ones run around outside and explore the world again.

So the last thing any mama needs is to get their little one all dressed in their summer playtime favorites, and find out that they have to put socks on and strap their kids into shoes that are gonna get sandy, muddy, and get their feet all sweaty! I mean, no one likes sweaty toes, you feel me?

Enter the original summer shoe: Salt Water Sandals. Not only do these babies scream SUMMER, but they are durable and versatile enough to last you through whatever you have planned on your happy, sunny days!

They're made from durable, real leather that forms to the foot with repeated wearing. With a comfortable rubber sole, you won't have to worry about sore feet by the end of a long day of fun.

As if that isn't enough to make all of us run out (okay, fine drive really fast) and buy a pair, (okay, five pairS) then I should add that they are also made with a water-resistant seal, and with rust-proof buckles and the ability to throw them in the washing machine if things get real messy! You'll be looking forward to putting these on everyday! Here's a look at these summer staples!

 Hoy Shoe Original Salt Water Sandals - Tan


Salt Water Toddler Sandals - White - SALWS

Salt Water Toddler Sandals - White

Not only have we stocked enough for your littles to be decked out all summer long in the cutest colors, but we've got them for our mamas, too! What's better than matching with your mini bestie? That's right, mamas--Nothing!

Our adult sizes sell out quickly, so make sure to check back for re-stocks in your favorite style to make sure that you and your little one will be ready to play this summer!

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