Saranoni Bamboni: My Ride or Die

Saranoni Bamboni: My Ride or Die

I have a confession to make: I’ve been cheating on my baby blanket with my Bamboni Saranoni Blanket. I know, I know. How could I? The blankey that has been with me for 28 years?! The one that I would cry over when my cousins with tease me and hide?! The one that got shredded into tiny pieces because it was loved “too” much and has been turned into a new Frankenstein blanket three different times?! Yep, that one. Saranoni is just that good. 

I have four lush Saranoni blankets. Some were gifts and some I had to buy because the colors and softness forced my hand. I adore the lush blankets. Their weight is just enough to give you a cozy cuddle and they stay soft for years (literal years--I’ve had one for eight years now and it’s still everyone’s go-to couch blanket).

But let me tell you about Saranoni’s Bamboni Blankets… Well first let me let Saranoni tell you what Bamboni even is: “Bamboo + Saranoni = Bamboni. These cloud-like blankets are made from bamboo fibers that are converted to rayon to create a soft, fluffy and breathable blanket that is sure to bring warmth and comfort to your home. Feel: Super soft, cuddly and lightweight. Feeling is Believing.”

I don’t even know where to begin with how truly spectacular this blanket is. Let’s start with how we met. 

A year ago for our Christmas present we got to pick out a Saranoni blanket of our choice. I thought, “Hey, I like this color and I like how the fabric looks kinda natural. I’ll try the Bamboni.” I’m stoked. I didn’t even know what I was in for. I get it and my life is changed.

I wanted to keep digging my head into it on the drive home, but I'm a decently safe driver so I restrained myself. I would have slept like a baby that night, but I knew I had to write a blog post on the Saranoni Bamboni Blanket the next time I had a brand post topic. I stayed up thinking of clever and fun things to say and my husband teased me as I snuggled my new Bamboni.

Unfortunately, a blog had just been written on Saranoni so I had to wait to write my love letter to the best blanket on earth. It’s alright though, because I’ve gone through all seasons with it now so I know it on a much deeper level. 

Saranoni Receiving Ribbed Bamboni Blanket - Surf


Saranoni is not kidding when it says it is “fluffy and breathable that is sure to bring warmth.” It is completely versatile. I love to snuggle it in the winter and in the summer. It gives a great amount of warmth when I need to bundle and it breathes in the summer enough that I don’t need to store it away. 


Because of the material it is made out of it is extremely lightweight and compact. I have taken it on every trip since I got it and it accompanied me to the hospital when my youngest was born. It can fit into most any bag or suitcase and not send your luggage overweight. 

Receiving Double-Layer Bamboni Blanket - SARA

No Static

When I sleep with a blanket I snuggle it by my head and use it as a pillow. Most luxurious blankets get my hair all staticky and I just don’t really love that. The Bamboni doesn’t do that!

Stays Just as Soft and Cuddly

Um, just what the header says. It stays just as soft and cuddly even through numerous washes (I do follow the Saranoni washing instructions to a T). 


They have the most beautiful color and texture. I mean I don’t know what else there is to say. 

I loved it so much that I bought both of my girls their very own. My oldest doesn’t sleep with hers because she thinks it’s funny to see how frustrated mama gets when she steals mine at night. What’s worse though is I just recently took it on a girls weekend and I forgot it and now it’s at my friend’s house waiting to be returned to me and I am seriously thinking of taking the 45 minute drive just to grab it. It’s been a lonely few nights. 

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