Say Hello to Cybex

Say Hello to Cybex

It's always exciting when we bring in a new brand at The Baby Cubby and, take it from me, you're going to want to stick around to see all that this one has to offer!

We've been awaiting the arrival of Cybex, and it's finally here! Cybex is a German brand that offers uniquely designed products suited for urban lifestyles. They are a leader in child safety and they certainly don't cut corners when it comes to innovation and functionality. Let's take a peek at some of our favorites!

Cybex Cloud Q SensorSafe Infant Car Seat

SensorSafe is one of the coolest car seat features I've heard of in a long time. The Cybex Cloud Q uses technology built within the car seat's chest clip that communicates through a vehicle receiver and the caregiver’s smartphone to ensure safety for children in a range of unsafe situations, such as the clip coming unbuckled and temperature warnings.

In addition to that, the Cybex Cloud Q features an ergonomic lie-flat recline position that can be used outside of the car that allows your baby to sleep comfortably in their car seat without worrying about their heads slouching onto their chests and cutting off airways. I give Cybex a huge round of applause for this seriously cool and innovative design!

Cybex Mios 2 Stroller

I'll just go ahead and say it. This just might be the snazziest stroller I've ever seen. That rose gold frame?! So rad.

If you need a stroller that's lightweight and has a small footprint, then the Mios 2 is the one. It weighs in at just about 21.6 lbs and measures a mere 19.7 inches in width. It also offers a slick one-handed fold. City dwellers, this one is for you!

The seat is comprised of breathable mesh to regulate your baby's temperature, which is perfect for the summer months or hot climates. For more comfort on cooler days, a padded comfort insert attaches easily to the Mios seat. It gets better! The seat is also reversible for both parent and world-facing riding options. One of its most notable features is its sensors that can detect the pressure of pushing and a motor in the back axle that helps get over obstacles smoothly. Talk about futuristic!

Cybex Lemo Wood High Chair

The Lemo Wood High Chair is a 4-in-1 seating solution that can grow with your child. A one-handed adjustment allows you to easily adjust to seat height in seconds, while four depth adjustments keep your child as comfortable as possible as they grow. It's perfect to use from 6 months to approx. 20 lbs (with Baby Set) and in Chair mode from 3 years to approx. 99 years (approx. 218 lbs). It even includes the Baby Set, Tray, and Comfort Inlay. For being a minimal design, it makes a big statement!

Cybex Lemo Wood High Chair
Cybex Lemo Wood High Chair

Cybex Yema Tie Leather Carrier

Wowza! This carrier looks like it just walked straight off the runway! Eye-catching leather accents take it to a whole new level, combining practicality with high-fashion. It's the perfect combination of a wrap and a carrier, making it easy and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

The Yema Tie Carrier is designed to grow with your child and is suitable from birth to two years (approx. 7.7 – 33.1 lbs). It also offers three carrying positions: front parent facing position, hip carry position, and back carry position. 

If you're looking for stunning, state-of-the-art baby products, look no further than Cybex. You can check out these new products and more from Cybex in store or online at

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