Scootin' the Town

Scootin' the Town

Our family is on a kick! Our little girl learned to ride a bike this summer, and now every chance we get, we are hitting the pavement and cruising the town. 

It doesn’t stop with the bike, though. All in one afternoon, we will get out the bike, the trike, the strider bike, the wiggle car, and the scooter. What can I say, the kid just wants to be mobile!

My favorite has to be the scooter. Nothing is more fun than whizzing around on a scooter, and when I see her enjoying the same thrill, it takes me back! The Mini Deluxe by Micro Kickboard has been the perfect fit for my little girl! With its low deck and three-wheel design, it’s super stable. I never have to worry about her tipping over. 

She picked up scooting fast. While it was exciting to watch, it was quite terrifying as well. I rest a little easier knowing all the safety features considered in the Mini Deluxe's design:

  • Lean-to-steer mechanism 
  • Silicone-injected deck to prevent slipping 
  • A height-adjustable T-bar
  • Thick polyurethane wheels and a flexible fiberglass-reinforced deck to absorb bumps in the sidewalk

If the Mini Deluxe isn’t exciting enough, the Mini 3in1 Deluxe lets your younger kids join in on the fun, too. Offering the same innovative design and maneuverability as the Mini Deluxe plus a few added features, the Mini 3in1 is now suitable for ages 1 to 5. 

Mini 3in1 Micro Kickboard
  • Stage 1: Sit and scoot with the ride-on seat and O-bar attachment. The seat adjusts as your little one grows. Typically, this stage lasts from ages 1-2.
  • Stage 2: Around age 2, children express an interest in standing to scoot. Simply remove the ride-on seat for a stand-on scooter.
  • Stage 3: Swap out the O-bar for the included T-bar. This converts the 3in1 to our Mini Deluxe scooter, which adjusts to your child’s preferred riding height.

Rolling around town has become a daily affair for our family. We scoot to the park, around the block, up and down our street, and pretty much anywhere and everywhere we can. Even as the days have turned colder, we haven’t let up. It turns out you can still scoot with a million layers on! Who knew?

Nothing brings joy quite like a scooter ride. With Christmas right around the corner, Micro Kickboard is a slam dunk gift. Check out all available scooters, at The Baby Cubby and you’ll be set to join our scooter convoy!

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