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Should You Find Out Your Baby's Gender?

You’ve just found out you’re pregnant! Along with all the jitters and anxiety, thrills and excitement, comes the first big question: will you be having a boy or girl?

There are two basic ways to handle this question:

1. I need to find out immediately, like as soon as possible. I seriously can’t wait to find out!!!

2. I think I’m going to wait until they’re born. I like the surprise, and it will be such a special moment to find out when they’re born!

There are definite benefits to both routes, so which one are you going to take?

To Find Out Now

I’m not trying to push anyone’s decisions here, but this is definitely the team I side with! With my first baby I felt like I literally couldn’t buy one thing until I found out the gender -- not a crib, not a blanket, not even a sock! It’s not like I went all out pink when I found out we were having a girl -- I’m a neutral-loving fanatic, but I totally felt like I was at a standstill until I knew the gender!

So how can you find out, and what are the benefits of doing so? The pretty generic and common way to find out your baby’s gender is at your anatomy scan, usually around week 20 of your pregnancy. At that appointment the ultrasound technician can pinpoint your baby’s gender and either let you know on the spot or send you home with it written down. However, more and more people are finding out earlier these days through genetic testing. You can have this kind of test performed either through your OBGYN’s office or through third party DNA kits.

Around 13-14 weeks your doctor might offer genetic testing for your baby. Usually done through simple bloodwork, these tests can provide information on several different genetic disorders and give you early diagnostics. It can also provide results on your baby’s gender! However, many insurances don’t cover genetic testing for mothers who are under a certain age, and it can be costly.

DNA kits, such as Sneak Peek Gender Prediction Kit, can be purchased online and completed at home. These kits require you to provide a small blood sample that you then mail back to their lab. They will test your blood to determine if you carry Y chromosomes in your DNA. Since women have only X chromosomes, if any Y chromosomes are detected it would indicate you are having a boy! And if not, then they would conclude you’re pregnant with a girl. We opted for this method with my current pregnancy. We got our results back within a weekend, and the process was simple and easy!

So what are the pros of finding out the gender? Other than the sheer fact that some people (*ahem, me) can’t stand waiting, it also makes preparing for a baby so easy! Baby showers, nurseries, baby names, pretty much everything can be planned out and themed once you know -- no gender-neutral-only rules, or waiting to pick things! I also found that it helped me connect to my babies so much! While this isn’t the only route people take, I definitely understand its appeal!


To Not Find Out

While most parents-to-be who don't find out their baby's gender make the conscious choice to do so, there are also many future parents out there who, for one reason or another, aren’t able to find out the gender until the baby arrives. And there are so many cool things about this as well!

There are so few genuine surprises in life these days. My phone notifies me the exact moment my husband leaves work. I know someone's on my porch ten seconds before they ring the doorbell! So finding out the gender of your baby can be one of those true, real-life surprises that, regardless of when you do it, will bring such immense joy and genuine amazement! I can understand the appeal of savoring that anticipation for as long as you can!

And when it's crunch time in the delivery room, the feelings will be even more intensified! You're not only meeting your baby for the first time, but you're finding out a unique part of their identity and sharing that unforgettable moment with such an intimate group of people! The anticipation and excitement of the whole experience will be an intense, intimate, and totally extraordinary. What a special moment shared by you and your partner as your beautiful baby is born! I can’t imagine a greater surprise or a greater moment!

Your whole world opens up with the birth of a new baby, and finding out whether you’ll be chasing tractors or Barbies is just the icing on the cake! So whatever you choose, the moment you find out if your precious little baby is a boy or girl will be absolutely thrilling. 

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