Video: Silver Cross Wave 2021

Video: Silver Cross Wave 2021

The newly upgraded Silver Cross Wave 2021 is top of the line for single-to-double riding luxury. This travel system just got lighter and sleeker!

Let's highlight some of those amazing upgrades. First off, it's 4.4 lb. lighter overall than previous Wave models. It's got all new two-tone woven fabrics, tailored styling, and hand-finished elements for a beautifully crafted look. The chrome frame and silver branding points feel durable and luxurious. You shouldn't expect anything less from this tried-and-true British brand! The new wheel design has deeper tire tread for better grip and smoother riding on any terrain.

In terms of kid comfort, there are some additional upgrades. The included bassinet now has a zip-on apron, which is easier and warmer than the previous velcro one. The seat unit now has a bamboo fabric seat liner instead of a jersey knit. If you choose to buy an additional tandem seat separately, it now holds up to 55 lbs, which is 10 lbs greater than the previous model. It's awesome knowing that a second child can ride in the stroller longer!

We really just love how this stroller grows with your family. With 7 single or double configurations straight out of the box and optional accessories to create up to 30 modes in total, the Wave 2021 is here to help future-proof your strolling needs for your expanding family.

We said it once and we'll say it again. The Wave is fancy and functional, and its 2021 iteration is no different. We award it 5 stars!

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The Silver Cross Wave 2021 is $1399.99.

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