Simply Darling with Jamie Kay

Simply Darling with Jamie Kay

Is it just me or is dressing our kids one of those fun little things that comes with being a parent? It may seem funny, but I love dressing my kids. They may not look 100% put together every day, but for the days that they do, I love shopping and picking clothes that are simple, comfortable, and of course add more cuteness to their little selves. So out of all the many children clothing brands out there, it can be overwhelming to find something unique and well priced for your little ones. But what if I told you there was a brand that had a collection of hand-made items that were not only created with love, but that could share a story as well. Would you be even more excited to know that this special brand had more than clothing, and sold other goodies too? Then let me introduce you to Jamie Kay!

Jamie Kay

Jamie Kay

Jamie Kay was founded in 2013 by a mother who was just looking to find a blanket for one of her children. She quickly became interested in the world of organic items, and began a brand of organic clothing for kids around the world.

Designed in New Zealand, each piece of the Jamie Kay collection is carefully and thoughtfully created, ensuring that each design is not only highly adorable, but has quality to match! They ensure that their production process of organic cotton is GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard), which means that Jamie Kay is going above and beyond to make all of their products with organically produced raw materials. From beginning to end, Jamie Kay has done their best to always keep families around the world in mind. 


Jamie Kay Apparel

From tops, onesies, cardigans, pants, socks, and more, each item of Jamie Kay apparel is made using organic cotton. This cotton allows for the perfect breathability for your child's clothing, being soft and keeping them cozy and warm at the same time.

Jamie Kay have a ton of items that are great for any season or activity--whether it's something soft and stretchy for play time or warm and cozy for cold weather. Every clothing item is colored with Oeko-certified dyes, which means it uses natural/recycled methods that are non-toxic and non-hazardous. It so reassuring knowing that their apparel is carefully made, perfect for our little ones!

Time to Eat

Jamie Kay food ware plate bib spoons

Didn't think that it would stop there, did you? Yes, Jamie Kay also make the cutest food ware that is also incredibly practical and easy to clean, so mealtime is a breeze!

Make snack time easy for your and your kids with Jamie Kay snack cups--they are perfect when you're on the go with finger foods or need to keep your kids busy. They also have plates with separate compartments and that conveniently suction to your child's high chair

We also love the Jamie Kay  silicone bib to helps keep your child extra clean with a catch pouch that will leave their clothes spotless. These bibs are easy to wipe and keep clean! Here's even more of what they have to offer for meal time!


Jamie Kay Shoes

Here's to the finishing touch of the outfit, the shoes! You will wish for every single pair--and maybe even some for yourself! Jamie Kay has options for both your baby or for your active walker. With flattering colors, Jamie Kay shoes are comfortable, have a secure fit, and will compliment any outfit! Every parent must-have is a pair of shoes for the kids that will not only look adorable but also hold up well and last them a good amount of time! 

There you have it, your newest favorite brand that you definitely need in your child's closet! What better feeling to know your child's clothing brand personally and know that every step of Jamie Kay's process is made with love and quality? 

We love our Jamie Kay pieces--and they've truly become some of my favorite clothing to dress my kids in! 

See more Jamie Kay here, and happy shopping!

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