Skip Hop: The Brand to End All Brands

Skip Hop: The Brand to End All Brands

When you think about all of the hundreds of baby brands out there, one would imagine it to be a little tricky to narrow it down to his/her single favorite brand. Right? I say wrong. Because for me personally, this decision is actually quite simple: my vote is for Skip Hop. I’m continually impressed by their products – both old and new - and their global-lifestyle brand that hit the ground running and never looked back.

Skip Hop Greenwich Simply Chic Diaper Bag

Core Philosophy

Skip Hop has the mentality and motivation of “must-haves made better”. Not only is this a pretty cool philosophy to have and makes them kind people for wanting to make our lives easier, but they have truly succeeded in this. They take ideas and put their own little twist on them and the end result is nothing short of perfection.


Perhaps the reason I can easily narrow my favorite down to Skip Hop is because they are pretty darn inclusive when it comes to different types of products. So I guess I’m a tad drawn to them for that reason alone. I recently learned that their very first product was a diaper bag. But ever since then, in 2003, they haven’t been messing around and have made quite a name for themselves throughout several different baby product categories! In case you’re curious, here’s a simplified list of some of their top selling products:
Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Backpack- Chameleon
Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Backpack- Chameleon


When it comes to money, a lot of the time we run into the “issue” of nicer items costing a fortune and cheaper items being lower quality. With Skip Hop though, you get the best of both worlds: affordable baby products with incredible quality. No skimping here. Across the board, each of their categories remain relatively low priced, but aren’t missing a single ounce of superiority.

Neutral Style

There are some brands that completely suck some people in, but repel others. The world is a diverse place, so of course some will be drawn to things, while other people will say "no thanks" to the exact same product. Skip Hop has a way of pleasing many parents and even more kiddos. They have enough of a neutral-style streak to them that I think these guys appeal to a whole lot of people. This makes it especially great for gift-giving. When in doubt, go with Skip Hop!

Skip Hop Hedgehog Accordion

Skip Hop Hedgehog Accordion

Skip Hop is pretty amazing. They’ve accomplished a lot, they make our lives as parents easier, they’re a safe choice, their products have excellent reviews, and they’ve exceeded so many expectations. I love them and there's no doubt in my mind that you guys love them too. Truly, these guys could quite possibly be the brand to end all brands!
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