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Skip Hop Tuo Review

Skip Hop Tuo Review

Lets get real about our babes' high chairs--they are either too heavy/bulky so they have to stay in one spot, completely mama-unfriendly and not easy to clean, or they are flimsy and uncomfortable so babe wants out as soon as their bums are strapped in.

Skip Hop TUO Convertible High Chair

Skip Hop TUO Convertible High Chair

So finding that perfect mix between convenient, comfortable, and chic is a little hard to come by. Luckily the Skip Hop Tuo Convertible High Chair checks all your happy mama boxes. Here's my little review of the chair, and why you and your babe will fall in love.


The Skip Hop Tuo is a high chair designed to be comfortable for your babe and convenient for you! It's also made to grow with your little ones, so when they're ready to move on from being in the high chair, it becomes a super cute and comfy toddler seat. It is also super stylish and versatile which makes it a mama favorite!


The Tuo has a super chic and modern design without being uncomfortable or impractical. The legs and foot rest are made from super sturdy and gorgeous beechwood with no-slip grips on the feet, and the seat is an easy-to-wash-and-wipe-down-material- perfect for our messy babes! 

Skip Hop TUO Convertible High Chair

Skip Hop TUO Convertible High Chair

It also makes your life easier by making it easy to clean. The eating tray is removable which is actually more rare than you might think for highchairs. And the tray itself has a removable insert, so you can pop it out to wash it, and easily snap it back in when it's time to eat again! Plus the removable tray makes it so your babe can transition from tray eating to table eating! The seat pad is reversible, which would only make sense as a positive to every mama who has ever not wanted to do laundry. So yes, every mama ever. Things get too sticky, just flip it and you've bought yourself at least another meal without having to start a load (at which point you can throw it in, because it's machine washable)! It also has a 5-point harness. This is a great feature that not a lot of high chairs have (most just have the lap belt) because it helps our littler babes stay in place, and stay supported, while keeping babes of any age safely strapped in. It also minimizes the chance that they'll fall out of the chair when you're not looking, or even if you are looking. No judgements, mama. Life is hard. The fact that you can convert this chair to a toddler seat when you kid outgrows the need for a high chair is just a really cool bonus. When you convert it to a chair, it comes with shorter legs that makes the chair perfect for toddler height tables.


There are a few things that can be seen as drawbacks for the Tuo depending on your budget and potentially how many kids you plan on using it for (no pressure, mama, just practicality).

Skip Hop TUO Convertible High Chair (Toddler Chair)

Skip Hop TUO Convertible High Chair (Toddler Chair)

As far as high chairs go, it's kind of rocking the middle price ranges, but definitely leaning towards more expensive at $160. In my opinion, you're mainly spending money on a great looking chair that also has some really great features, whereas spending less may not get you as high-quality materials or style. Another thing that is a little bit of a downer is the fact that once you convert the high chair into a toddler seat, you can't turn it back into a high chair for another child to use. So if you were planning on switching it back and forth between children, this is definitely a bummer. The straps can't be reinserted once they're removed, so if you want to make this last for more than one babe, you'll have to wait to change to the toddler chair for the last kid.

Overall, I would say this is a great chair for mamas who are looking for a stylish high chair that is also easy to clean. The great thing about the Skip Hop Tuo is that it combines everything you want in a high chair in one. So you're not stuck buying a chair that is easy to clean, but looks horrible; or one that is gorgeous, but a nightmare to clean. The Tuo is stylish and mama-friendly, and the cute toddler chair conversion is a great bonus!

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