SlumberPod Gives Everyone a Better Night's Sleep!

SlumberPod Gives Everyone a Better Night's Sleep!

You know how mamas are always looking for the baby gear that is just going to CHANGE THE GAME when it comes to parenting? Everyone has their go-to list of mama must-haves, but I've got something that I'm sure you'll want to add on to yours: The Privacy Pod from SlumberPod!

Trust me, this is a little piece of mama magic right here. And it's one of those amazing products that makes you smack your head and think, "Why hasn't anyone else thought of this until now?" The Privacy Pod is the perfect thing for any parent that is sharing a room with a baby or toddler, and helps to give everyone a better night's sleep.

SlumberPod made the most parent- and child-friendly covering for sleeping in the same room with your littles, and it shows in every aspect of the design. The Privacy Pod is bottomless so you can slip it over most standard-sized portable cribs, and has a window that you can zip closed as much as your babe needs to feel comfortable enough to sleep. It has air flow pouches, is easy to set up and break down, and comes with a carrying pouch that's light so it won't weigh you down if you're traveling with it. SlumberPod also thought through how much mamas will want to keep their eyes and ears on their babes, and they made a little pouch for a monitor that you can slip in and out, which just adds to the safety and stress-free design of this portable crib cover.

This is a great option for parents who want to have their new babies sleep in their room, but want to have a smoother transition once the co-sleeping days are over. Once your little gets used to self-soothing without seeing you, it will make it that much easier to move them to their nursery. It's also great for babies that might share rooms with their older siblings or need to take naps in a shared room. The Privacy Pod gives them a nice, dark space to calm down and snooze without letting the world bug them the whole time.

This is also an absolute dream for any parent that travels and has to share a room with their littles. Which is pretty much the case for any vacation, am I right? Like the fact that I'm going to be sharing a room with my two toddlers and husband on a house boat for a full week.

Hotels, cabins, Grandma's house; no matter where you are, you can bring your little's Privacy Pod with you to help everyone sleep better. It's like SlumberPod was thinking of me when they were creating this! The Privacy Pod is the perfect companion to your babe's favorite travel crib and gives YOU the ability to sleep without having to worry about looking on your phone or getting up to use the bathroom without waking the sleeping giant that is your 2-year-old child.

SlumberPod Privacy Pod

SlumberPod has given you and your babe the gift of a better night's sleep with the Privacy Pod. The convenience of fitting over most portable cribs on the market, the features that make it a safe sleep for your babe, and the fact that you can give your little their own room within a room make this a must-have for mamas!

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